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Quirky, Geek for All Things Creative and Artistic!

Creativity is the way i share my soul with the world. ~brene brown

One of my Zentangle sketches.
Zentangle saved me from a very deep dark abyss. It’s difficult at best to feel productive when you struggle on the daily with multiple invisible illnesses. And, are full time caretaker for Alzheimer’s mum and two amazing kiddos with Autism. It’s mind numbing at best that everyone around you just doesn’t want to hear you and full on expects you to snap out of it!

Hoping to create and inspire with new friends here at The Mighty. Hit that friend button so I may reciprocate and follow you back and get to know each of you better. I need that missing connection in my life with those that understand and have compassion in their hearts. 🩷


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"You don't look sick"

Who else sometimes struggles with proving to people how sick you are because you don't look like it? I was diagnosed at 27 years old, and that's all I used to hear. Sjogren's does not discriminate! #sjogren 's #InvisibleIllnesses

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Never judge someone by the visibility of their illness

Don't judge a book by it's cover. You don't know what's going on inside

#MentalHealth #InvisibleIllnesses #InvisibleIllness

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If people are expecting too much from you...

I posted this on Insta and FB on a day when I was so overwhelmed from people getting mad at me that I was ready to just give up. Yes, we all have those days. Living with #ChronicIllness isn't easy, and there are some things people just have to understand about us. These are some of those things. It's important, for me, to be transparent with people and let them know when my mind or body just can't handle something. If I don't, I can't expect them to just know. I make these graphics to help others like me raise awareness with the people in their lives, too. It's hard to accept that we have these limitations, but it doesn't make us weak, or any less valuable. #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #MentalHealth #MultipleSclerosis #Lupus #InvisibleIllnesses


I don't usually like to rant or dwell in negative emotions, but I just feel I am reaching a point where I am going to snap. With this pandemic, I've realized that it is not only bad enough how people tend to minimize your experience because your illness is invisible - moreover, if you are relatively emotionally strong, people seem to think how their mental health has precedence over yours. I do not want to minimize anyone's struggle in these times by using this term, especially because I know how challenging this has been for people with mental illnesses. I am just tired of friends complaining how their mental health is suffering because of inability to go out every night, do clubbing and travel and do all the things they felt so entitled to do so far. It is not only making me frustrated because I am feeling anxiety both due to the self-isolation/inability to socialize and the fear that if I do so, I will get infected. It is adding to my frustration because it showed me my friends' general lack of empathy and understanding for my own situation, as well as for people who really do struggle with mental health issues now. The term itself is being used far too easily and without real understanding of these illnesses, and the fact itself is kind of defeating #InvisibleIllnesses


Whenever I go to the doctors I get depressed after.

Went to a new Rheumatologist today. Barely asked any questions and didn't even look at the medical records and she decided it was fibromyalgia! I've already been diagnosed with that I was referred back to the Rheumatologist because all medications( which has been a lot) I've tried has no effect on me and my PCP believe its something else and that I need further work up. I honestly feel like its something else too. I know fibro can be severe but this feels different. I just don't get why they're not willing to do every test possible or explore it to make sure they're really isn't anything else. I'm so frustrated, tired, I'm not a hypochondriac, its not in my head, I'm not doing this to get opioids or disability. I just want my life back! #Fibromyalgia #fuckdoctors #InvisibleIllnesses #CheckInWithMe #UnknownDiagnosis #MedicalPtsd


Feeling empty #Abandoned #Unlovable

COVID has put all of us in such an off mental state but I can’t seem to shake this episode. I was tested for COVID on July 8th and my boss (who I’ve worked for over 3 1/2 years for) told me that I couldn’t come back to work until I had a negative result, understandable. I finally got results on Friday the 17th and texted me boss excited and beyond ready to go back to work, never got a response so I texted him again on Monday and he said okay let’s have a meeting and catch up, thinking that it was just a meeting to go over what I had missed out on for two weeks I went and met with him and I was fired and his reasoning was “I think you need to take time to work on you and your mental health” shocked and heartbroken I was also confused because I hadn’t really had any issues at work with my mental illnesses, reminder I have worked for this man for 3 1/2 years, I moved away from home to Colorado and I interviewed and got the job without knowing anyone in this town, my job was my everything. And my coworkers were more than coworkers, they were my best friends and family, I spent holidays with them. And I feel so abandoned and devastated. I truly feel I was discriminated against and I can’t wrap my head around it. I know it’s just a job but it was more than that to me, it was where I rooted myself and became a new me in a new town. None of my “friends” texted me once asking how I was doing or if I needed anything, I truly feel like an outcast and loser. They had someone new on the schedule before I was even fired......... anyone been through this? #Discrimination #InvisibleIllnesses #PTSD I live in Colorado where it’s a “no contract state” which means you can be fired for simply no reason but I truly feel with the proof I have and the damage that job did to me mentally, I can fight and win. I was always treated a little different than everyone else, like a child (funny cause I was the only #SOBER one) I went into that meeting with excitement and hope and purpose, and instead I was fired and left with the most hatred for myself ive ever had. Thanks for reading and letting me ramble, love you all