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Good Afternoon my Fellow Mighties #Husbands #Wives #Depression #Anxiety #maritalissues #ChronicIllness #Lonliness #AdrenalInsufficiency

Hi there everyone! What’s everyone doing for Labor Day? Hopefully you all are having a great weekend and are feeling good! Me? Nope! Haha expected tho! I think I caught a summer cold! Heads stuffed and have zero energy …. But feeling better than yesterday! Husband left to go down to pick up our 23 yr old son (he s moving home after college then taking a yr off to get his shit together” (which he s not even attempted to do!) Im walking on eggshells as to see what this new chapter will bring to this already chaotic household! Husband won’t back me up on issues “Son you need to appt for jobs , son you need to help a little around the house “ you get what I mean….. it s all on my shoulders to be the “bad guy” ….. been feeling ok lately …. But afraid all the stress of this will throw me into another downhill spiral (whether it be mentally or physically- I do not want to go into adrenal crisis again!!) well …. That’s all I got for today my people!! Thanks for letting me vent a bit !! Im sure within a week I’ll be back to vent some more! Haha have a great weekend!!


#day to day- 11-18-21 or days prior

# relationships, #Husbands :
Well, I come on too strong for some. I did offer an apology to the woman who contacted me. I apologized for coming on too strong. Too tense. Too defensive intensive behavior - is there such a term? But, these ladies are nice. So, I stil like them. They may have decided I am too much for them. I think their intentions were more than good. I messed up.

But, this encounter is a vote for the quiet laid back life style my husband proposes. He likes a life that is quiet w little going on. He works & watches tv. That is about it.

My husband hasn’t seen his friends since they upset me about 5/6 years ago. He just keeps busy w the relationships I bring into the fold. This friend was one of the people I brought in. Her friend was another. Well, I think I sure flubbed this one up. Now that leaves us w less.
I have a friend whom my husband likes that I write every day. And my other 3 friends I barely hear from that I met through my mental health struggles. These three ladies have had their own mental health issues, so they seem to be understanding of my issues when they sprout their little heads. But, they are very busy and I rarely hear from them if at all.
Then there are my husband’s friends oh dear?! What do I say?
Then I have 3 other groups I am in. They are 3 different groups of ladies- the jury is out o all 3. Will there be some similarities? Yet to be seen. Bc, sc, & swmg plus my own hobbies.



#carers . I’ve recently become carer for my husband of 45 years. His health has declined steadily over about the last decade. He’s never been an easy man, impossibly high standards & very judging & critical. He is a decent person however & I care deeply for him, although I have a lot of unresolved resentment simmering away in my heart. So many times he’s hurt my feelings over the years, generally a blatant lack of consideration forr my happiness has always been the way I feel. Trouble is that now he’s done so much damage to himself & continues to, even tho he has managed to do irreparable damage to all of his major organs. He is so unwell now that it’s almost like caring for a 3 year old & he’s just as non compliant, refusing to try & help himself. I’m so over it, I’m not well myself & among other things don’t sleep, so constantly battling exhaustion. But still having to tend to his considerable needs. It’s becoming very difficult for me to cope & now I feel like an awful person for resenting it so much. Am I selfish for looking forward to an easier life after retirement & then everything changed, I feel like I’ve been robbed. #carers #Husbands #Retirement #shattereddreams

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How do people’s spouses deal with the effects of your mental illness(es)? My husband likes things organized and it’s important to him to be on time.

I feel the same way but my anxiety and depression cause me to procrastinate or not be able to do the things I need to do. He tries his best to be patient and supportive, but at some point this becomes extremely frustrating for both of us. #Husbands #Wives #MentalIllness #Anxiety #Depression #Procrastination #Noenergy