I feel terrible...went off my Procardia and Vesicare all at once and am taking a 10 day med that interacts badly with them. So cold turkey it is. Just diagnosed with #idiopathicCNShypersomnia and this is the first step to determine what medication I will be on. My #Anxiety shot up along with agitation and irritability. My already difficult time parenting #ADHD and #ADD with #ADD became even harder. #Fibromyalgia #InterstitialCystitis #Vestibulodynia #Hypermobility to name a few. Not been able to drive and got an appointment at an epilepsy center finally to get a prolonged EEG after my abnormal one. I feel like life is getting a lot harder and I feel like I'm working a lot harder with fewer noticible successes. I'm trying my best to remember to be thankful...I just feel so sad right now, really feeling the losses stack up. I'm bummed because my pet hasn't seemed like he wants me to pet him much either. I feel repulsive to all things at the moment. I feel #Depression creeping in again.