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My anxiety has heightened in the last few hours. Even though I feel empty inside, my chest feels heavy. I know most people don't care about whether or not I've been sad or questioning my existence and even my purpose in life. I feel like it may be best to just avoid anyone whom I've cared about. I'm sure I don't mean much to others. I don't think I belong any place. #Depression #MentalHealth #Emptiness #Anxiety #purposeinlife #Idontmatter #FeelingEmpty #Feelingsad #feelingaloneandlost

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It’s ok, I hate me too

Self-hatred is one of my best talents. I’m very good at it. I should be given a medal because I’m good at what I do. I should’ve been aborted when I was just a fetus.

I’m a waste of space, unworthy, unwanted and I don’t blame you for hating me. Sh*t I got you beat on that. Happiness is a myth. It’s temporary and pointless.

Being on meds is just a temporary fix. There’s no cure for this disease or illness. Therapy doesn’t work. Thinking positive doesn’t really work either. I’m only kidding myself if I ever do. #Idontmatter #self -hatred

No one is really listening, no one really cares. It’s all make believe. Feel free to point and laugh at my expense. I’m used to it.

This is my life sentence. Please throw away the key at your earliest convenience. I wouldn’t hold it against you.