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How strong is your anxiety

My anxiety is so crippling. I have an overwhelming sense of fear as though I’m going to die at any given moment. I can barely walk 20 ft before I’m literally gasping for air. I now walk with a walker. I feel as though everyone is staring at me. Then I feel a strong need to pee and I’m so afraid that one day I won’t be able to hold it. Can anyone relate to this? Anxiety has taken over my social life. I dread going outside. #canyourelatetothis #imscared #physicalanxiety #WhatIsWrongWithMe #help


My head

I get into this mode a lot. I've come to realize that I need mental health help just as much as I do pain relief. I'm sure the two bounce off one another but I need help. I have issues from childhood that were never resolved. There is nobody adequate enough to speak to in this town. I don't like it here and my condition makes it worse. I depend on others for help and I know I can't survive on my own. Where do I go from here? I have to work cause I can't get approved for disability but I'm tired. I don't have much longer to go and nobody seems to understand cause they aren't in pain. #BackPain #laminectomy #imtired #imscared


Heat pads

Can anyone give me good suggestions for heating pads? I'm looking into the larger pads. My facet joints are killing me. I couldn't get my meds changed or refilled cause my insurance is gone. I need help sitting during my shift. It hurts to lay on my back. Any tips would help me. #BackPain #laminectomy #imscared #imtired


My world

I don't know where to start. I'm caught up between my mental world crashing, chronic pain and the reality of life. How do you deal with a world in which some days you wished you were dreaming and that you'd wake up. My whole life has been hurt, me causing hurt, pain and me being hurt again and having regrets. I've asked for mental health several times this year. I'm dealing with so much that at times I get dizzy and I feel like I'm about to pass out. I'm back to my cry spells. I don't know who to turn to for help without being made to feel stupid. I just need a break from my brain, everything and everybody. I just need help. I'm stressed to the limit. I want to feel like I'm somebody without it causing a reaction. I want to be me. #BackPain #laminectomy #imtired #imscared


My life

I'm about ready to give up. I don't know where to go and who I can trust. I don't like how money is the motivation for everything. I just want some guidance and for my back to improve. #BackPain #laminectomy #I 'mtired #imscared


My search

Does anyone live in the Houston or Katy, Tx area? Could you recommend a Neurologist or a pain management physician? I would like to see which clinics or physicians are the best in their field. #BackPain #laminectomy #I 'mtired #imscared


My pain

I'm not sure what to do with my back at this point. Does anyone have a spinal cord stimulator? Has anyone used a TENS machine? Which works best? Does anyone have a herniated disc at their L2 L3? Has anyone had their discs collapse cause there was nothing left but bone? I'm just tired of being in pain. I can't go through another surgery. I have failed surgery syndrome. I just need the time to make an informed decision without being rushed. The injections don't seem to work anymore. I'm running out of options and there are many treatments left for me. #laminectomy #spinalcordstimulator #HerniatedDisc #ChronicPain #imtired #imscared


My voice

I've come to learn a lot about my back and how it feels to have flareups in certain areas. I recently decided to get a procedure done in which the staff made decisions the dr. should have made or at least it seems. I now have to go back again for what I originally asked for. I have to miss work and my employer isn't too happy about this. I don't know what to do cause I really would rather not be dealing with any of this but if they had listened from the start I wouldn't be stressing over having to miss work for something I already missed for. I don't want to be the odd ball out. #BackPain #laminectomy #imtired #imscared


My blues

It's horrible living with any back condition that causes pain. I feel bad for everyone who deals with it. In my case I have chronic back pain and nerve damage after having the surgery. I went back to work determined to succeed. I struggle at times. I was rejected from disability cause they said I could work a desk job. What if your pain gets worse as you sit? When you bend? Sometimes when you walk? I've had pain sear through my back for hours at a time. I've had feet so numb that I thought I was going to trip cause I couldn't feel my feet. I've had pain burn down my legs and numbness in my calfs. I'm supposed to feel like this, concentrate on my job and not make mistakes, learn new things, and not be high to the ceiling on pain pills I can't even get. I have a degree so I'm smart enough to work in a sitting position. It doesn't matter if this position hurts me cause I still don't qualify. How are we supposed to live if we can barely work? I spend a majority of my pay on pain management just to make enough money for more pain management. This cycle will never end. #BackPain #laminectomy #imtired #imscared


My nerves

I recently learned that I had an extensive laminectomy which left a big space in my back. The space is now filled with scar tissue and it's damaging my nerves. I just got another round of steroid injections and I've been scared ever since. I'm usually happy cause if the relief but since I found this out I seem to be in pain and having spasms. I was doing good until I learned this. What can I do now? How do I help with the nerve pain? This Lyrica I'm on doesn't do much. I liked the Gabapentin but it made me depressed. I'm stressed out and I'm thinking my mood can trigger my pain. I just want to not worry about this so much but nerve damage is a horrible feeling. Is there any creams that help. I was using Voltarin but it doesn't work the same after so long. I just need some tips for these flareups. I feel bad for those with back problems. I'll keep praying for us. #laminectomy #BackPain #imtired #imscared