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How strong is your anxiety

My anxiety is so crippling. I have an overwhelming sense of fear as though I’m going to die at any given moment. I can barely walk 20 ft before I’m literally gasping for air. I now walk with a walker. I feel as though everyone is staring at me. Then I feel a strong need to pee and I’m so afraid that one day I won’t be able to hold it. Can anyone relate to this? Anxiety has taken over my social life. I dread going outside. #canyourelatetothis #imscared #physicalanxiety #WhatIsWrongWithMe #help


Is that normal?

I want to ask a question: "who else dies from the heat in spring clothes at - 20C?" if your answer is yes, do you know the reason?
The problem is: i feel like I'm dying from heat in winter time while walking in the street in spring clothes. I know that cold is bad for my unhealthy joints, but I can’t tolerate the heat feeling.
#Isitjustme ? #IsItNormal ? #isitokay ? #Feelliketheworstpersonever #WhatIsWrongWithMe?


Just wondering if anyone has been misdiagnosed with BiPolar??

I was diagnosed with BiPolar 20+ yrs ago. The Psychyatrist I went to asked me many questions and said, “Well, that sounds like BiPolar.” In all honesty I feel like I’ve only had 2 possible manic episodes since. I have been on so many mood stabilizers and anti-depressants/anxiety that I’ve given up keeping track. I better mention I have also been diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD. For 12 years I went to the same ARNP for medications and the last years, I have gotten worse as far as extreme anxiety, disturbing anger outbursts, and a few depressive episodes. Due to lack of progress, I finally switched to a new ARNP for medication management. She asked me if anyone had ever suggested BPD?? She then asked if the behavior/symptoms I experienced 20 years ago were more of an environmental issue, (as in partying, promiscuity, no money management skills, etc.), or more of a constant manic state due to no medication. I brought this up to my therapist of 15 years and she said it’s definitely worth looking into. Then COVID 19 struck and I’ve been unable to meet with either of them face-to-face since. Anyway, thank you for reading this far. I appreciate all feedback and suggestions. ##WhatIsWrongWithMe ##BipolarDisorder ##BorderlinePersonalityDisorder ##Misdiagnosed


Panic attacks

My body just won’t quit the past couple days. Granted there were things that made me nervous but my physical response is beyond the norm. Can’t breathe. I think of all of my problems all at once. I can’t think of anything positive. Weight on my chest. It goes so much deeper. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just a fake and I really have no problems and I’m just trying to live a lazy life. I’m so mixed up today. #Depression #AnxietyAttacks #WhatIsWrongWithMe


Horribly depressed

Not good today. Feeling truly suicidal like there is no light no hope. I impulsively married a man I didn’t know well; he turns out to be terrifically sick & abusive. The hearing for him crushing my ribs is in ten days. The DA is going to let him out soon and I think he’s going to kill me. And I still miss him. I was diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder; my mom committed suicide when I was three. I grew up with an abusive narcissistic stepmother who told me since I was a child & that I was going to do the same. Why can’t I care for myself enough to eschew his love and affection. I’m considering giving up custody of my ten year old- to his abusive to ME father- he loves his son but hates me... it’s gotten this bad. J was a truly developed narcissist who assaulted and sexually molested a couple when he was 16, did time, and it was all covered up by his family. He was given 5000 dollars a month for twenty years until I walked in, helped him get sober, and grandma died and disenfranchised him. He’s got no money no job no car no license... and all he’s worried about is if I’m sleeping with anyone... no apologies no care or worry for my welfare...He’s going to hurt me. I’m scared and vulnerable and I know he can manipulate me and he is going to hurt me... and I still miss him. #WhatIsWrongWithMe #FeelingSuicidal reactiveattachmentdisorder



Why am I so easily overwhelmed? It feels like there is something wrong with me. Why can’t I keep up with every day things? Cleaning, laundry, cooking supper even just playing with my kids is overwhelming. I wish it wasn’t so.... my dad just thinks I’m lazy and I know it bugs my husband. Is it a symptom of depression? Being overwhelmed? At work I’m fine, no one would ever guess I’m like this at home. It’s almost like work is my escape...? That sucks, home should be my safe place.... but everything is so overwhelming and sometimes I just want to go away. #overwhelmed #Depression #WhatIsWrongWithMe


Made it to the gym, now can't stop crying #Anxiety #WhatIsWrongWithMe

I don't even know why I'm crying. But I can't stop. I feel so sad and overwhelmed. I just want this morning anxiety to stop. I want to wake up with a racing heart and jumpy muscles. Thank God I have therapy today.

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This is what I thought love was...

I thought I could fix us both. I thought I had it under control. Then a backpack came flying at my face. Then blood. He threw my phone out the window so I couldn’t call for help. Broken nose and concussion. Why do I miss him? #WhatIsWrongWithMe


Not sure where else to ask this...... Recently had a breast cancer “scare” but it came back negative. I am deeply disappointed

I was hoping this would be my way out. How messed up is that! ##mental mess #WhatIsWrongWithMe