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° " Dreading Going Into Work For 5 Day's... " ° #SH #IntrusiveThought 's

° " So I Was Finally Off Mon / Today... Everytime I Wake Up In The Morning... This Is Going To Sound Disappointing.. I Want To Just End It... I Have Already Hurt Myself At Work... Alot Actually But Out Of Frustration... And The Amount Disrespect That I'm Getting Is Insane... My Co-worker's Constantly Complain Why I'm Never At Work... Well I Need To Recharge And Rest... I Work For The Worst Boss... That I Have Right Now... So Cruel And Unfortunately Two-Faced... She Would Fake Being Super Nice To Me... And Next Now She's Looking For Way's To Fire Me... I Don't Think The Complaint That I Made Yesterday Morning Will Go Through... Companie's Have Loop Hole's... All Of These People Really Have No Idea The Amount Of Abuse From Customer's Calling Me The R-Word Slow... Incompetent. A Horrible Cashier... My Co-Worker's Say Racist Thing's Behind My Back... Tbh I Just Don't Want To Live In This World Anymore... Why I'm I So Nice And Helpful To Other's... When All They Do Is Stab You In The Back... I Truly Don't Like Working Any Customer Service Job's... Why Was The Job Market Setup Like This... I Do Better By Working Alone... Without Any Distraction's Or Loud Noise... I Only Get Super Overwhelmed On The Register Because Too Many Customer's See The Menu And Keep Changing What They Want... How Is This My Fault... My Boss Get's Very Annoying And Angry At Me Because I Call Her Too Much.. To Remove Thing's... Some Customer's Apologie's Are Fake.. But Never Want To Say That They Messed Up.. I'm Just Totally Burnt Out... My Body Is Crying... And I'm Losing Every Bit Of Myself Just Trying To Survive In This High Inflation... And Right Now It's Harder To Find A Decent Job... Nobody Want's To Hire Someone With Disabilitie's... I'm Too Much Of A Cost And A Liability..." • ▪︎▪︎¤ S.K. ¤▪︎▪︎

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× " Sigh... I Think There's Something Worng With Me ¿ ? " × #IntrusiveThought 's

× " I'm Starting To Really Can't Deal Or Stand People In Anyway... I Hate Being A Hostess At My Job... Because My #Anxiety Get's The Best Of Me... The Reason Why I Can't Stand Dealing With Human's.. Is That Thier In Ability To Make Up Thier Mind's On What To Get To Eat... Like We Have An APP Use It Before You... Decide To Hold Up The Line With Your Indecisiveness... And Then Change Your Mind At The Way End After I Asked If This Is What They Wanted... And They Say Yes... And Then Bitch And Complain That I Got Your Order Worng... I Wish That People Would Alway's Be On Top Of Thier Order's.. Because They Stress Me Out... I Had A Bad Day Today... Beyond Stressful Dealing With People " × #Depression #Anxiety #severe Insomnia ☆ S.K. ☆


× " IN B.L.O.O.M AND MADDENING KHAO'S " × #Poetry #IntrusiveThought 's

× " The Maddening Wave's Of Khao's. And Blooming...Thought's..Of Scar's × Sacrifice's In Order To Survive Another Day.. Within Peacefulness × Solitude At It's Peak...When Can We All Get There To Live In Peace...With No Loud Noise...Just A Beautiful Place...Within Our Thought's.. And Have One Thing That Is Truly Important...We All Give Up So Much In Our Own Live's...To Make Other's Happy...Or To Just Survive Through The Tidal Wave's...Of Non Stop Intrusive Thought's...Knightmare's..Terror's. " WHEN WILL ALL OF US BE FULLY AT P.E.A.C.E. ".. Nobody Said...This Would Be A Walk In The Park..That's For Damn Sure. We Fight Our Battle's Within Our Mind's Every Single Day..Weather It's A Session...Or Medication...People Need To Wake Up A Realize That This Is Not A Fake Game..Or Attention Seeking...This Is What True Mental Health Really Look's Like. We All Are Unique..And We Are Living Proof That We Constantly Live In The Battlefield Of Scar's Within Our Mind's...And Bodie's..." × ☆ S. K. ☆ #Poetry #IntrusiveThought 's


× " I'm Sarting To Feel Scared × Terrified Of Men And That's Not Fair To The Super Rare One's " × #NewIssue #AnyAdviceWouldHelp . ♡

× " This New Issue Started Morphing Ever Since That Issue With My Ex. And Now It's Getting Worse From This Terrible Experience That I Went Through. With The Ex Co - Worker. I Don't Know If I Will Ever Be Able To Go On My Frist Date. When I'm Fully Ready To Do So. × And I Don't Mean To Offend Any Mighty Men Here At All. But I Have Lost Confidence In The Male Specie's. I Feel Numb It's Amazing That I Have Male Friendship's On Here. I Know That Not All Men Are Terrible Human Being's. × But My Failed Marriage Sealed The Deal. In No More T.R.U.S.T. Maybe Time Will Change My View's. But Just Know That I Truly Value All Of My Mighty Friendship's. I Have This Intense Feeling Of Disappointment. And That's Not Fair To Any One. I Come In Contact With Or Talk To Ethier. Please Forgive Me For This Post. I Don't Mean To Be Rude Or Mean. This Is How I Have Been Feeling For 2 Year's. My Heartbreak Won't Heal Fast Enough. I Litterly Suffer From Broken Heart Syndrome. I Don't Know How To Make This Stop Or My Intense Growing Disappointment. "Once Again Please Forgive Me." Sincerely, ☆ S.K. ☆ #IntrusiveThought 's