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    Hoping for answers #PTSD #ChronicPain #ChronicIllnessEDS #MentalHealth #Insomnia

    I called my doctor to schedule to be seen as I have had low blood pressure resulting in me being extremely dizzy even when sitting or laying on the floor. My uncle witnessed an episode and he said he was concerned I might have been having a stroke. Last week I was at mom's and was doing her laundry when I felt very weak and feeling off. She checked my blood pressure and it was normal. She wanted to check my blood sugar (she's a diabetic), I didn't have the strength to make a fuss. It was low at 74. I'm bruising easier than normal for having hEDS. Because of all my medical issues I don't go to the doctor unless I deem it absolutely necessary. Every time I go it seems I'm being diagnosed with another ailment caused from having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. But I saw the reactions of my uncle and mom and I scared both of them. So yeah, this is a necessary visit. I truly want to find out why my body is behaving in these ways. I'm only 52 but many days I feel so much older. So wish me luck on finding an answer and I'm praying it's not anything serious.

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    So I would really love some help ..... #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Selfcare #Depression #Anxiety #SkinCancer

    So right now I am on strict bed/chair rest if I push it out a bit and can sit out on my swing if it's a dry day.I am looking for little ideas diy things I can do in the garden myself bigger things to paint ,fix or even use as something ,and also need some ideas to do some Easter type activities with the kiddies while off school to help me do things in the little parts of garden I'm making for them to make or help paint or do things in those area.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be great as I can't do my normal usually exercising on bike ,or walking or any of that rightnow .

    Would love any ideas or even photos of things you've done or seen that I can get get some inspiration such an artsy person and love getting things and totally upcycling them and making them our own .so would appreciate anything #mighties

    #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #Upallnight #SkinCancer #Depression #Selfcare #Positivity #diyideas ##creativity #creative #longcovid #loveyourself #Bekind #COVID19 #longcovid #Tattoos #Crafting #upcycling #Newhome #positive #Positivity #wellness #ArtTherapy

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    A little positivity tonight..... #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #SkinCancer #Cancer #Anxiety #Depression #Selfcare

    For a little positivity quote tonight since I've been so down lately....
    Just a few of my little tattoos I have that are things I love and that remind me to be strong and positive ♥️🎗🙏
    Each one either is something that has meant something to me at that time and I try remind myself of them when struggling ♥️

    Be you 💛
    Faith (in spanish)
    This too shall pass ;
    A dying rose with Beautiful under it 🥀
    Melanoma sign but made in to a heart to add a little touch in between families birth month flowers.🎗🌼🌸
    See the good 🙏

    Not been in the best head space past few days especially so just trying to think positive & realise everything I've went through when I thought I couldn't take anymore at those times so just have to keep trying (always easier said than done )
    But I'll try 🤞👌

    #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #Upallnight #SkinCancer #Depression #Selfcare #Anxiety #COVID19 #longcovid #Tattoos #MotivationalTattoos

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    Insomnia & Fibro'flare

    #Insomnia I'm awake still awake, my pain meds have kicked in and I have taken my evening meds that includes Amitryptaline and it relaxes me but does not always help me to sleep so I am prescribed tamazepan and that almost always helps, except when I have fibro'flares the last few months I've had flare ups back to back, with a day or two in between with pain & depression, when I feel that way I try to distract myself with what I love to do, I do something creative or paint, I play Mahjong 3D and play Solitaire every morning like it's 6:15am Friday Here in South Australia I thank you all for sharing and I know I have a safe place to share and not be judged, some of my family members say I've bought Fibromyalgia on my self and I spoke to my Doctor's and they said "that's not true and that I've had it longer than they first thought, I love you all my Mighty family Sincerely ShazZ 💜☮️🌟

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    Feeling a million things yet I feel as though I'm numb ....... #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #longcovid #CheckInWithMe #Cancer

    I'm not even sure if that makes sense, I'm not really sure of anything right now!today I was told that my urgent referral to get the swollen lump lymph node in my neck may take upto 6 weeks !ive had it since Sept last uear and was palmed off numeroustimes till last week my specialistsaid she was very concerned(and that is being classed as urgent)Due to my previous cancer and treatment before Covid hit and now to the way this is being handled and considering I had Covid and was hospitalised for nearly 6 weeks and since have been suffering Long covid issues I know how serious it is.But I felt so angry that I'm already dealing with all my usual issues,then this catheter in,still retaining, slipped disc so on crutches to get about and everyday and night I am worried sick about if this lump is serious !and now thinking I may have to feel like this for however many weeks/months and then even if it is serious the care at the moment chemo/treatments most people are having to wait months to get anything started due to the way it's all been since covid.I am angry at my body for failing me in the first place ,for getting to this ,I'm angry at having to feel like I'm begging someone to help or listen ,I feel like I've prepared for the worst now anyways and what hope is there to have !I know hospitals and staff have and do do their best and I'm not saying anything against that I'm just frustrated that myself and millions of others and people way worse off than me are suffering even more even when it's serious or terminal. I'm scared ,I'm angry ,I'm frustrated and then I just feel numb because right now I'm here and I'm a Mummy I have to just be as ok as I can which is difficult enough at the minute ........

    #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #Upallnight #SkinCancer #Cancer #Anxiety #longcovid #loveyourself #Bekind #Selfcare #Toxic #Abuse #youmatter #beyou #CheckInWithMe

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