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What’s the most frustrating aspect of your health journey right now?

Whether it’s waiting for an appointment, dealing with a new symptom or flare, tinkering with your medications, reworking your lifestyle/diet, or starting a new treatment, health comes with a whole lot of stumbling blocks.

What’s tripping you up right now? Mighty staffer @xokat has started seeing some new autoimmune symptoms which are a taking a hit on her self-esteem (but she’s working on building up that confidence again!).

#MentalHealth #MightyMinute #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Anxiety #Depression #RareDisease #Disability #Caregiving #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #Trauma #Autism

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INSOMNIA again, Productive this time, it amazes me how 4 people and 3 Huskies are messy enough to be ten frat boys, I got 3 hours early on and fell out of bed with indigestion, do roses go in Recycling or Garbage? ALL MY LOVE, Catherine


HENRY OR Arthur??????????, may I f ING sleep now,

A place with hummus n pita
A state of tired but I can't sleep
Helped by the med I took hours ago, not
Inspired by nothing at the moment
Hungry for fishing in the Spring, Spring rolls
Confused and worried and eager not to bother anyone
Baby girls sleeping in my bedroom, Papa Bear sleeping on the couch, This
Not yhis
NEED sleep
To sleep or not to sleep is not a question, it is not noble to suffer the slings and arrows of insomnia
and Mrs. Sneeze said to Mr Ti leave me alone, I'm none of your beeswax at this late hour
SORRY and thankyou for your kind guidance and wisdom oh Great profound insomniacs of the world
IT is as it is
GOODNIGHT cow jumping over the moon
I LOVE the moon and the moon loves me, God bless the moon and God bless thee
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come


Any tips for when it’s hard to sleep? Anxiety at bedtime?

I’m usually lucky 🍀 and sleep 😴 quite well but after a cold an hyper focus on my breathing 😮‍💨from a stuffy nose thankfully I’m over my cold now. But I still have that body protective thing I was doing where I was so focused on my breathing it’s a silly dumb anxiety thing but it’s like you forget to breathe and instead of doing it automatically you are doing it short ish sometimes focusing on the breath is said to calm you down in meditations spiritually but for me it’s the opposite. Any tips for getting to sleep, I’m trying to listen to calming music and affirmations but it’s not working as well as it usually would. I’m like half resting but conscious and if I sleep deeply like REM sleep it’s very little. Please help :( I feel so dumb and annoyed at myself. Sometimes even during the day I have that thing too like checking with myself with my breathing 😮‍💨 and it’s becoming an annoying new habit I just want to function normally and stop the silliness which I didn’t have this annoying thing until recently. It’s like yes my body is trying to protect me in its own way with anxiety but I don’t need this. #Anxiety #Breathing #dumb #Silly #Anxiety #shame #barriers #struggles #advice #themighty #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Support #help #Listener #Selfcompassion #feelingdumb #feelingsilly #Selfacceptance #confused #bodysymptoms #sensations #Hyperfocus #Meditation #tired #Insomnia

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I'm new here!

Hi! I’m Ashley and am new here! I suffer from severe mental health and physical health issues. I am excited to have joined this platform and officially be an “Mighty” lol. I’m pretty unfamiliar with this app/website but I am super hyped to learn the different things to do on here! Because I’m just getting started, does anyone have any tips, some cool things you can do on The Mighty and if you’re a fellow spoonie/dealing with similar issues I do too? Maybe I can make some friends that truly get these struggles…because we all know that nobody gets it like the ones that live it…aka US. I look forward to meeting any future friends!! Again please reply with any helpful information or to let me know of others on here dealing with the same things please!♡

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ADHD #OCD #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #MastCellActivationDisorder #Gastroparesis #Dysautonomia #OrthostaticHypotension #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #ChronicOrthostaticIntolerance #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #Migraine #Insomnia #Psychosis #PanicAttack #PanicDisorder

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Half Empty or Half Full?!🤗🌻🤔

Hello, wonderful people! When living with chronic illnesses, it is so easy to begin seeing life as, “a glass have empty”, as opposed to seeing it as half full.

We can speak all day long on everything that is going wrong with our bodies. Pain, discomfort, insomnia, surgeries, nausea, and so on!😩And although I do not want to fall into the toxic positivity trap, I do want to acknowledge that we actually have positive, wonderful aspects of our lives, that sometimes become suffocated by the symptoms of our poor health!

But guess what?!🤗We can CHOOSE our focus. I choose to put my energy into moving in a forward momentum, even though I will be having colon surgery for a pre-cancerous polyp. The shock and upset hit me hard, so I cried, grieved, and cancelled the two trips that I had already paid for, one of which was my dear grandmother’s 99th birthday party!😔But I receive comfort, knowing that I am loved by my friends and family, and I have a doctor who is so skilled and LOVED personally, by so many people!

🌼So what are some beautiful aspects about your life, and what makes your glass half full?🥰

(❤️Here’s a pic of Grandmama at Christmas 2023.) #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #fibromyalgia #chronicepsteinbarrvirus #lymedisease #multiplechemicalsensitivity #hypothyroidismunderactivethyroiddisease #mentalhealth #chronicillness #checkinwithme #distractme

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Hi I’m New Here!

I’m here because I’m suffering from PTSD and am looking to connect and relate to others. Frightening thoughts (flashbacks) that seems to smash me to bits causing an intense and seemingly annoying heightened state of stress that never seems to go down. Unfortunately symptom is Insomnia (staying down).

Hope to hear from you all #PTSD

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I’m at Level 14+ 🤪😶‍🌫️

Whew!! 😥 It’s a doozy for my #Fibromyalgia and me. This #fibroflare has been going on for a week. Managed some activity along with crying and a lot of pain and “rest”. 😰
I did some
Restorative #Yoga
Hoping and #praying for better days

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thirst and sore throat

Does any of you who suffers from anxiety or is highly stressed struggle with periodic chronic thirst (in my case it is particularly high at night and makes me have a lot of nightmares; or is also related to salty foods that I should avoid at dinner, but it's not always the case) and then an annoying sore throat that in my case comes occasionaly but last the whole day and whatever I do it doesn't go away?

Of course, I would like to discover if anyone else struggles with something just similar, not the same as me.

Anyone has struggles related to anxiety, stress and thirst?

Thank you 😊

#Anxiety #Stress #Insomnia #thirst #sorethroat #throatache #nightmare

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Bedtime is early

Usually I'm in bed by 8pm or 9pm but the odd night, like tonight, and I'm awake. Hopefully not for long. But who knows. I used to be a night hawk but then I went on psyche medicine and insomnia or trouble sleeping has been a problem since.

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