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We are not living on this earth with expiration dates.

I have learned battling #IVBreast cancer,does not always mean life ends for me here and now. Tonight is year 8 sharing my body with a pushy character named cancer! My first Onc said when I finish my 5 month chemo treatments ill be here most likely seven more https://months.I was so frightened bythat prediction,after chemo instead of living
and enjoying my time with my daughters, husband, friends I was waiting to die. I began to realize I might just be around longer!
I am still in therapyfor depression and anxiety ,but miracles happend. I was taught how to meditate ,and self talk, how to tell my body thank you for doing the best job it can. when I slow down and listen to guided meditations its as if I take a vacation far outside my broken spine,ribs, etc... I don’t fear my end because I have so many experiences to celebrate now. By actually telling this cancer “ you not allowed near my vital organs” so far so good. I use to believe every word my oncologist would say, now I listen to my body and thank it for fighting.# cancer#Depression# anxiety# faith.

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time flies #Cancer DIAGNOSIS #

#19 years since since my #IVBreast Cancer. since then during my # breast reconstruction another 11 myth nodes were remove# had to have a #Stomach transfer# last year fought #Skin Cancer all cancers were basil cell.