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Having IBS is one of my greatest struggles. I hate to feel sick and have stomach ache so often, have tried medication and supplements, but nothing seems to work. I just want to get rid off it!!!
However trying to accept and hope for a solution... #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Stomach

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Lonely but Living

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted in ages, but need to and more often for sure! I’m dealing with alot of things, and sometimes feel to tired or in pain to reach out in RL to get the help I need. It’s frustrating to know the things that would help me (some of them anyway!) but not having the energy to do do them. I spend most of the time here at home, but finally have gotten to the libray for the first time in two years—so thats one good thing! But getting out for the other things is hard because I never know how I’m going to feel that day. I wish that we could call doctors and say “I really need to see someone right now-heres whats going on”. Often I end up waiting until someone can see me, and if its weeks or months in the future, that doesn’t help me very much. Sigh…
Another thing is that going through everything from the bipolar depression to gastro problems to grief by myself is exhausting. In general I like living alone. But once my mental health stuff, physical health stuff, and grief collided, I was knocked on my butt and had no one to help me. Thank God for this site. It has been wonderful for me. Ive had support for the first time in years, and I’m so grateful for all of you guys.
But I have to admit that I’d still love to have help in RL. Maybe I will one day. I have to believe that I will. Until then, I’m hanging in there and lonely, but living as best I can.
Love to you all. ❤️

#lonely #Bipolar2 #ADD #Undiagnosed #Stomach pain #chronic pain #CFS #Grief


Do it on my own

So I have gastroparesis, gastritis, ibs&c, and something else I can’t remember the name. My dr wants to load me yup with pills. I take the highest amount you can take and still doesn’t work, I am also allergic to a lot of medicine.

So I am trying things on my own. Since my dr, tells me I’m fine and I’m also not bad off yet to do anything about. So yay let me suffer great quality of life. Anyway I’m trying different kinds of food.

Is there anything out there that you try and has help? Any kind of product? Anything. I’m tried of being sick either throwing up and or so constipated, I’m miserable. #Gastroparesis #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Stomach #Gastritis



I need to vent to people that get it. My pain has been horrible recently on top of other issues I’ve been dealing with. So, I was being tested for celiac and the blood test came back negative…I’m waiting for the sample results to come back. The doctor has already said he wants to do a colonoscopy because of my anemia. This same man did a colonoscopy a year ago. I’ve already had one major stomach surgery. I had such a large hiatal hernia, that my stomach was in my chest. So I’m used to being poked and prodded. I’m frustrated with having to schedule another colonoscopy. I’m 33 and this is the 3rd one I’ve had. I’m losing it over here. I just want answers. #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Anemia #NissenFundoplication #Stomach


Stomach issues..

My whole gut is sensitive right now. Lower right and left. My upper stomach feels like a pit. It hurts to pee, i know theres no infection. They've found no blockages, no ulcers, nothing. Just slow transit and ibs. Taking more omeprazole doesn't help much.

It's just some type of flare, but im drained.

Oh and I might have oral thrush.

Still trying to keep a good face when it hurts

But thinking about donating my body to science, seriously

#IBS #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn #constipatio n #cramps #indigestion #GERD #Heartburn #Stomach #Fatigue #Undiagnosed #RareDisease #MentalHealth #PeripheralNeuropathy #Migraine #FODMAP #diet #Pain



What could it possibly mean if you eat something and not even 10 mins passes and you have sharp pain in the abdominals? #Stomach #abdominals #ineedhelp #questions

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Does anyone know what these are for?

I was wondering if anyone knew what they plastic “buttons” were for next to my GJ Tube? My doctor never told me and I don’t see him for a few weeks so if anyone could help that would be great. Thank you!
#GJtube #GIDisorder #FeedingTube #Gtube #Jtube #Stomach #stomachpain #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #EnteralFeedings #Surgery #GI #help

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Sharing my story so far.

I would like to say hello. For part of my story I would like to share that I have MS (multiple sclerosis), Arthritis, Chronic Depression, Anxiety, & SAD. I don't know if I can honestly put into an acronym like that so I will explain it's Schizo Affective Disorder. Recently for the past month or two I have had stomach issues where my stomach cramps up and well I can't keep a lot of stuff down. I have had to change the way I eat which is very difficult especially when you have been eating a certain way most of your life. Also the following picture I posted is from an app called TapColor. I colored it. I know it's not official art in that sense but I hoped it would cheer someone else up like it does for me sometimes. It is good to remember sometimes that being weird isn't a bad thing. Anyways I
hope you are all staying safe and healthy as you can. #MultipleSclerosis #Depression #Anxiety #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #Stomach #stomachpain


How does #Anxiety physically affect you?

I’ve been dealing with GI issues for15 years. It wasn’t until rehab last year that I truly recognized that anxiety directly relates to GI issues. But it has been worse than ever since the Pandemic started. I’m vomiting every other day at least, completely lost my appetite, so nauseous I want to cry, and the acid is welling up inside me. I went to the GI doctor a few days ago, he put me on more stomach meds, anti nausea and anti acid, and said he wasn’t ruling out anxiety. My psychiatrist put me on 3x the gabapentin I was taking. But I’m still sick today! When I was in treatment, all of this was slowly going away. Although I do have GERD, IBS and esophogitus, I wanted to ask, does anyone else feel completely crippled by their physical side effects? Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone else vomit from anxiety? #sick #Stomach #help #Vomiting #Anxiety #GIDiseases