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    Does anyone get a lot of jaw pain?

    Is jaw pain and clicking in their jaw. It clicks and sometimes only helps when it pops but the headaches can last all day, sometimes several. At times my jaw locks and I can't move it really or eat much that makes me chew too much. Who do I talk to about this? #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Jaw #Pain #EDSjawpain

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    Community Voices

    Jaw Pain for the first time. Any suggestions to ease it? #Jaw pain

    Just when I was being to think I have experienced just about everything fibromyalgia can throw at me it throws me a curveball. The joints in my jaw are swollen and aching. My entire lower jaw hurts so badly.

    I have used my pain meds, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory, cannabis rub and ice. Nothing has worked.

    In addition I still have this low grade fever, almost 36 hours. Unfortunately my body is over reacting as usual so instead of feeling low grade it actually seem closer to a 110. I am sweaty and dishevelled.

    I can’t think of anything to do for either symptom. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
    #Fibromyalgia #Osteoarthritis #PsoriaticArthritis #LymeDisease #SpinalStenosis #DupuytrensContracture

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