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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is debzhancox. I'm here because i have been diagnosed with CRPS in my left leg just above the knee down to the tips of my toes. I also have CRPS, Dupuytren's contracture and Osteoarthritis in my right hand/wrist. im currently in a wheelchair as im unable to weigh bear on my left leg, its very stiff resulting in being unable to bend or straighten it, its stuck in a slight bend and i also have foot drop



need advice #DupuytrensContracture

newly diagnosed. makes sense this group isn’t very active, as using hand hurts so much. had some soreness in palm a couple years ago, then nothing until last month - all of a sudden fingers frequently stuck, lots of pain, etc. What helps at this stage? What should I not do? I’m wondering about whether a resting hand splint would be ok to use sometimes? Thanks so much for responding. Also, anyone get to this stage and then STOP progressing? get better? what should i expect? this past month has been daily pain; will it always be that way?


October is Dupuytren Awareness Month

#CheckInWithMe If you have #DupuytrensContracture  or know someone who does, please visit www.dupuytrens.org. Dupuytren is a genetic, sometimes debilitating hand disease which affects over 14 million Americans and many millions more worldwide.  There is no known cause or cure. Our mission is to find a CURE!


Jaw Pain for the first time. Any suggestions to ease it? #Jaw pain

Just when I was being to think I have experienced just about everything fibromyalgia can throw at me it throws me a curveball. The joints in my jaw are swollen and aching. My entire lower jaw hurts so badly.

I have used my pain meds, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory, cannabis rub and ice. Nothing has worked.

In addition I still have this low grade fever, almost 36 hours. Unfortunately my body is over reacting as usual so instead of feeling low grade it actually seem closer to a 110. I am sweaty and dishevelled.

I can’t think of anything to do for either symptom. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
#Fibromyalgia #Osteoarthritis #PsoriaticArthritis #LymeDisease #SpinalStenosis #DupuytrensContracture


OMG I’m melting! 🤒 Another fibro fever!! Fever reducers don’t work. Any suggestions to bring it down?

It’s 1 o’clock in the morning and I am so exhausted but I can’t face getting into bed while I am this hot and sweaty. I currently have the lights off so the neighbours who are up at this ungodly hour won’t see me in my sport bra, covered in ice packs while watching crap on TV.

I remember when I was a kid my mom would tuck me in at night and I would sleep right through until she woke me in the morning. How I miss sleep and the ability to control my body temperature.

#Fibromyalgia #LymeDisease #Osteoarthritis #PsoriaticArthritis #PTSD #SpinalStenosis #DupuytrensContracture


To Share or Not to Share My Truth

Sometimes I feel like such a fraud. I have been ill for 15 years but I have difficulty sharing my struggles with my extended from family and friends. I have always kept my health issues and my daily challenges personal for several reasons.  Such as not wanting to worry anyone, or be judged harshly and of course pride.  My decision to sugar coat facts has left my world very small. I only share everything with my husband, kids and a few close friends.  I never let anyone see me on an ordinary bad day let alone on a really bad day.  Honestly I have never even had a photo taken of my with any of my disability aids (canes, walker, wheelchair, compression gloves etc.).

I feel like it is time to be honest about my diagnosis' and prognosis. The thing is I find this terrifying. I have had strangers, acquaintances, friends and family judge me with little or no facts to back them up. Unfortunately someone very close to me, someone that should have supported me unconditionally tried to destroy me with judgement and lies. Now I'm not sure what to expect from the rest of my family and friends.

I feel like I am in a really good place mentally and spiritually.  I am trying to be mindfully positive about the future and I am getting out more with my new wheelchair. I feel very open to new experiences and I'm hopeful for the first time in so long. I guess I'm afraid the reaction I get will bring me down and throw me off course.

Thank you for letting me vent.  This is the one place I don't have to fake it.

#ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #PsoriaticArthritis #DupuytrensContracture #SpinalStenosis
#LymeDisease #Fibromyalgia #Osteoarthritis