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When I woke up this morning I felt great, I fed my kids breakfast and did some laundry (folded an put them away too) also swept, vacuumed and mopped! I was on a roll... I also painted my toes and my fingernails as well. I swear I wished I felt this good every day!! #Bpdsucks #depressionsucks #IllTakeTheGoodDays 😊


Gotta keep pushing on

Its one week post surgery for me. Im tired, in pain and weak. My incision burns in my Upper back and my other incision is in The back of my neck. Neurosurgeries are difficult. This being my third one, (Neurosurgery). My ninth surgery in total, I am just tired. I have to keep going and try to fill my mind and soul with positive thoughts and vibes.
#dailyaffirmation #keepongoing #icandothis #iamstrong #warrior

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Keep on keepin' on #CheckInWithMe #keepongoing #ChronicPain

On days when my pain begins to come up again after facing some time, it can be hard and feel a bit hopeless. Days like this I remember--who am I? I am me. Where am I? I am here. When is it? It is now. How am I? I am doing the best I can. #keepgoing #MentalHealth #dontgiveup

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These are my reasons to#keepongoing .

I think about the people I would hurt and the things I'd miss if I didn't stay. Years ago I remember hearing something that has stuck...."Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." I don't know who first said that, but I know it is true. There is nothing that can't be resolved. It is easier with my faith in God and knowing the He is in charge. Help will come, but in His time and not ours. We may try something and think it fails, but it is God's way of saying, "Not now." He has something even better in store for you. You are a valuable person. I know the pain, brainfog, anxiety, and the feeling that you can't continue this way; but you can!! You honestly can!!