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    Rare Disease Global Genes Champions of Hope

    Congrats to everybody here >> globalgenes.org/rare-champion-of-hope-award-nominees
    We are a small rare disease organization for Klippel-Feil syndrome.

    We are delighted and honored to be nominated this year among so many change makers for Rare Disease!
     #ChronicIllness  #PatientAdvocates #Parents #patients #Hope #ChronicPain   #kfstrong #advocates


    Beagles are #MightyPets

    My two beagles save me. Sadly this spring I lost Mags, who was my best friend for 14 years. She was 100% healing love, with a dash of spitfire. Lyla learned from Mags, and though her style is different, her innocent soothing ways are priceless. This week I came home from a tough neurosurgery appointment, and getting home to my Lyla beagle was all I wanted. Knowing Mags was comforting me from above, with a howl or too, to snap me out of it, they clearly have me surrounded in unconditional love at all times.
    #MightyPets #RareDisease #kfstrong