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    Pushing myself

    I live with chronic pain, and other chronic illnesses, including anxiety and PTSD. Many days, I can do one thing per day, and I feel thankful. I am a hero who many times is unable to move much, but my superpowers are full of love and kindness. #Survivors #advocates #hivlongtermsurvivors #wekeepgoing

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    Is anybody experiencing horrible sleeping problems?

    Is anybody experiencing horrible sleeping problems? Sadly, out of the blue, around 15 days ago, even with sleeping medication I'm having some horrible times with sleeping. I can not find any changes in my routine affecting me this way. How do you deal with this problem? how many of you have sleeping issues? Have you ever tried Ambien or the generic Zolpidem and had strange side effects? I need to find answers because I feel exhausted. Is funny in some way I want to find my personal solution, and another side wants to find out more in general about how is this problem part of our health communities. #MentalHealth #Sleep #Insomnia #Anxiety #saludmental #Survivors #advocates #PTSD


    Rare Disease Global Genes Champions of Hope

    Congrats to everybody here >>
    We are a small rare disease organization for Klippel-Feil syndrome.

    We are delighted and honored to be nominated this year among so many change makers for Rare Disease!
     #ChronicIllness  #PatientAdvocates #Parents #patients #Hope #ChronicPain   #kfstrong #advocates