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Support in ways you need❤️

Today I got to be an advocate for my sister. I got to remind her that she is valid. I got to remind her that she has an ally in this world. Today, I was someone I wish I had.

You see, I have a 16yr old sister who is navigating this world with depression and a group of friends that need her more than she asks of them. Who never gets asked if she's okay. Who never gets asked if she's at her breaking point. I have a wonderful amazing sister who never asks of others, but feels the world to exponentially levels.

Today I asked her a hard question and watched her crack and break the way u used to. I watched the panic and the anxiety attack take over and then I got to help her find a healthy way to handle it. I helped her focus and breathe. I helped her understand I'm not being everyone else and just asking is she's okay. I got to be the person to tell her her feelings are valid and see her hear finally for the first time. I got to have the hard moment to tell her that the reason she reacted that way was because she knew in her soul that something was wrong and she didn't want to face it yet and that's okay.

Today, I got to see myself give my sister the advice I wish u had st her age with the understanding and acceptance that she may or may not listen and it's okay either way. I got to tell my younger self that I'm okay and we will heal. I got to see adult self show off my growth and my strength in understanding and guiding her through her pain. I thought I had understanding years ago, but nothing like what I have today.

Today, I remind my sister that she not only has a support system, but an ally in me. To fight and advocate for her, but also to help her navigate mental health. I got to see her find relief of someone asking if she's okay and realizing HER FEELINGS ARE VALID. Today I got to be her and my best friend. Growth is hard at any age, but omg! If I'm not only breathless at mine, but hers as well!

Never stop fighting to grow! You are valid!


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Pushing myself

I live with chronic pain, and other chronic illnesses, including anxiety and PTSD. Many days, I can do one thing per day, and I feel thankful. I am a hero who many times is unable to move much, but my superpowers are full of love and kindness. #Survivors #advocates #hivlongtermsurvivors #wekeepgoing

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Is anybody experiencing horrible sleeping problems?

Is anybody experiencing horrible sleeping problems? Sadly, out of the blue, around 15 days ago, even with sleeping medication I'm having some horrible times with sleeping. I can not find any changes in my routine affecting me this way. How do you deal with this problem? how many of you have sleeping issues? Have you ever tried Ambien or the generic Zolpidem and had strange side effects? I need to find answers because I feel exhausted. Is funny in some way I want to find my personal solution, and another side wants to find out more in general about how is this problem part of our health communities. #MentalHealth #Sleep #Insomnia #Anxiety #saludmental #Survivors #advocates #PTSD