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One thing I believe from 17 years’ experience on one side of the bedrails and 20 years on the other side of the bed rails, is one of the most important people in your life are your Professional Caregivers! It is our LIFE, and we must be in the hands of someone we trust or feel comfortable with… OR we are on a very bumpy road. We tend to be intimated by someone who might have a bit more education than us. IF that ever is an uneasy, overall feeling, then find another doctor and let this one go. I discovered patients aren’t aware they can fire their doctors. Who’s paying who? The first visit is like an interview. Sometimes, it is good to present the visit in this way. Depends on you, the situation, etc. Do they listen? Do they answer questions understandable? Do they include your caregiver – in my case – do they include education and information to and from my spouse? Do they seem to genuinely feel they can help and are they eager to help? If at any time this changes, consider the worth of the relationship.

Also be aware, you can be dismissed also. Some do not believe it is worthwhile treating patients who will not comply to any treatment or have a resolution to an issue they would like to try. Your attitude comes across also. This is a line between doing something you don't feel is best (that's not called non-compliance) and just not doing anything the professional is asking or suggesting. It's wasting time and money.

If I gave my story this soon, everyone would run to the hills. One thing I can say, if there isn’t a good “vibe”, RUN. I don’t care if it is the President of the world, heavens etc…who says they are the best. RUN. If they EVER insinuate that a psych is needed – RUN. A psych test is different when assessing TBI, etc. Therefore, if your condition calls for a psychologist to be a part of the overall plan right away, then fine. But don’t allow this to keep you from getting the treatment you need. If they are not sure what to do, (I have nothing against Psychologists. But they can be used in the wrong way and it was almost to my detriment.) Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their recommendations. It could be very valid. If they do not believe in alternative medicine (massage, acupuncture, etc…) RUN. Every modality has its place and research is a great tool. (Understanding how to research is necessary) Massage is a good tool for relaxation, with acupuncture. I’ve noticed in our area, more surgeons are requesting these modalities before surgery. Many use them, also.

These are subjects of discussion and please join if you want your visits be be profitable.#patients #Doctor visits #TBI #Dystonia #RSD #Relationships


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We're only days away from the 2020 #Livingrareforum ! This year's event is going virtual for a fun weekend filled with opportunities to connect, learn and inspire within the #RareDisease community.

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Don't Miss Out On The 2020 #Livingrareforum !

This year's Living Rare Forum is going virtual for 2020! Connect with #RareDisease #patients , #Caregivers , healthcare professionals while listening to inspiring stories and expert panels! Register:


Wearable Medical Devices Growth by Patients during 2018-2027

The market for wearable medical devices is projected to grow at a CAGR of 25.78% over the forecast period, i.e., 2020-2027. In 2018, the market captured a size of USD 8,292.60 million which is estimated to significantly increase by the end of 2027. Wearable medical devices are devices used for determining the health status of the patients for various medical purposes.

Rising Applications of Wearable Medical Devices to Boost the Market Growth

According to statistics by the UN, the population aged 60 and above is growing at a faster rate than other age groups. By 2050, the number of elderly individuals is estimated to increase up to billion people.

#wearablemedicaldevice #MedicalProfessionals #HealthCare #medicaldevice #patients


Spine Pain?

Chronic spine pain? What is your latest "go-to" item that helps you feel better?
Lotions, creams, heat, ice, meds, massage, gadget - name your current #1 below.
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Caring for #TheMighty Caregivers!

We are proud to join #TheMighty community to start bringing our advocacy for caregivers across America to this new forum. Our hope is that by raising awareness of how the topics already covered here impact caregivers, we can help those #Caregivers and their cared-for #patients .

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