How do you resolve and find closure after an argument with your significant other? Let’s say, for example — you both identified the cause of the argument. Lack of communication and not expressing how you felt altered your mood, which your loved one noticed... asked what was wrong. You stubbornly claim nothing is wrong, as you fear saying “you doing _____ made me feel upset” will provoke an argument. So, you choose your battles. Ultimately, after five hours of shoving your emotions down — the very argument you dreaded in the first place ensues. Only, it’s intensified because you waited so long to say anything. Twenty minutes after arguing, your SO goes downstairs in the house. You remain upstairs because you fear going downstairs will precipitate further arguing — or worse, he will return upstairs just to get away from you. You have difficulty handling rejection, due to your abandonment issues. So, you text instead. You sit in the same house as your partner but you’re communicating through text as if you were miles away. Metaphorically, he does feel miles away. Your email text says something along the lines of, “I see we failed at communication today and it led to this series of events. Let’s not let it ruin our entire day, why don’t we chalk it up to a learning experience? In the future, we will remember how awful today was as a direct result of not communicating — and it will inspire us to express ourselves better. We can’t change the past but we are responsible for how we handle the present. I love you.” He responds and says something like “My days fucked. Going to sleep.” You glare at the clock, it’s 3pm. You text repeatedly with kind, encouraging words — desperately seeking closure. Failing over and over. An hour has passed. He is still downstairs. You are on the upstairs couch, the same spot the argument occurred. You have yet to move.

How would you all handle this? #Relationships #arguments #fighting #Depression #lackofcommunication #Anxiety #help