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Helping others

Can helping others really bring happiness in one's life? Has anyone tried it? I am in an environment and have lots of responsibilities I can't go out and help people but my mom told me that I should do good with my kids. They are the ones who are dependent on us. They r the weaker ones I don't need to go somewhere in community and find someone in need I can do same with the people around me. #Depression #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #breathlessness #lackofconfidence #Claustrophobia


how to be emotionally strong?

Since I have realized I become depressed anxious etc I feel like even a distressing movie or story make me afraid to my core. I don't want to hear any bad news, news including any factors which I feel distressing, I have 2 kids one 9 years old son and other 2 months old daughter. I can't hear anything happening to children or parents dying or kids hungry or lost. I am extremely afraid of poverty that how to fulfill kids needs. When I see my old parents I'm afraid of old age with associated illnesses. If I have happiness I have tears in my eyes, if see or hear something bad I start crying. I can't control my emotions. Any tips? #Anxiety #Thanatophobia #PanicAttacks #Claustrophobia #breathlessness #Depression #lackofconfidence


Can avoiding thoughts is a remedy to get rid of negative fearful thoughts?

Yesterday I had bad feelings, my mind made up scary scenario and I got panicky. Today I m afraid that I might have same issue again. So I'm avoiding certain thoughts, am I doing right? Or should I think about them. #Depression #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #breathlessness #lackofconfidence #Claustrophobia #Thanatophobia #CarpalTunnelSyndrome


difference between mindfulness and cbt

Can anyone please tell in easy words the difference between cbt and mindfulness, isn't the goal is to think positively? #Anxiety #Thanatophobia #PanicAttacks #Claustrophobia #breathlessness #Depression #lackofconfidence

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lack of sleep and anxiety

Can lack of sleep cause claustrophobia and anxiety? I cudnt sleep last night because of my 2 months old daughter and today I suddenly started feeling bad thoughts. Can they be related? #Anxiety #Thanatophobia #PanicAttacks #Claustrophobia #breathlessness #Depression #lackofconfidence


For how long your anxiety and panic attack symptoms last?

If you have anxiety or panic attack for how much time you feel it's effects. I have sudden bad thoughts and had minor physical symptoms after it like fast heart beat and breathlessness. Now I tried to stop thinking about it but I still have restlessness inside and feel nauseated. For how much time do I feel like this? I know I am writing abruptly but I am worried right now.
#Depression #lackofconfidence #Claustrophobia


Sudden negative and bad thoughts

It's just me or anyone else start having bad thoughts like a dream you are thinking with open eyes and conscious mind. We have a really small washroom with our dining room and I seldom use it. I feel claustrophobic some times. Today I had to use it and I suddenly started feeling what if I'm locked in it my 9 yrs old can't help and what if he goes out for help and don't take keys with him to come back leaving my 2 months old daughter in the bedroom. This thought made me feel nauseated and I started shaking. I know for this or any similar situation God forbade I can't do anything but still I am too afraid. Please advise. I need help now. #Depression #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #breathlessness #lackofconfidence #Claustrophobia #Thanatophobia #CarpalTunnelSyndrome


phases of phobias

Do phobias have phases, like last December I was unable to control my phobia or fear of future and depression. But for past few days I'm unable to feel afraid. Even if I think about such things. But have lots of chores to do and unable to finish them because of a new born. Days end but work is still there. Is it because I'm busy and if I ll be free for some time again I'll start feeling depression, anxiety and phobias? #Anxiety #Thanatophobia #PanicAttacks #Claustrophobia #breathlessness #Depression #lackofconfidence #Claustrophobia#Thanatophobia