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Weird brain fog week.. but funny 🤣

So this week..
I put on a pair of glasses without realizing I was wearing one already..😎
I tried to charge 2 rechargeable things WITHOUT plugging them into the wall, then wondered why they didn't charge..👎
And lastly, I forgot a towel for my shower.. oops

Hope this gives you a smile! #Fun #funny #BrainFog #laughwithme


So Confused!!!!! Is fibromyalgia an autoimmune disease or a neurological disease???

I was diagnosed by my primary care dr, in 2014, with fibromyalgia. I was told to see a rheumatologist and I have for 6yrs now. I just went to the rheumatologist a few weeks ago because I was having new symptoms.he Let’s me explain everything. Presses on numerous areas on my body. He gets to my right arm. I have a tattoo on each side of that arm. They are from my wrist to my elbow. Then, very sarcastic, I bet these tattoos on your arm really hurt. I didn’t say a word. He had already judged me. Then after all this,,, he says: I cant help you with these symptoms. They are neurological issues. I said Fibromyalgia is a nerve disease. And I’m supposed to see a neurologist. Why the hell have I been told to see a rheumatologist for 6 years 🤷‍♀️🤔😑🤬 I’m already so confused. I don’t need anyone else to confuse me. Especially a dr

One last rant about the rheumatologists judgement. He was sarcastically saying: I’m here for pain. But have tattoos. Maybe try asking instead of assuming. YES my first 2 tattoos hurt. My last tattoo was in 2009. That was before fibro and bipolar. I only had 2 tattoos until I was Bipolar hit 2018. Since then I have gotten 7 tattoos. I’ve realized when I’m manic I run to get a tattoo. So, I always have tattoo ideas. So no regrets.

#Fibromyalgia #laughwithme
#digenerativediscdisease #endometreosis #