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Did you know Sabarmati river originated from Udaipur?

I did not know. But I am an outsider. I did not find a local who did not think that Sabarmati does not belong to Ahmedabad. They call it, ‘gatar ka pani’ and scoff for the tourist’s benefit or perhaps to disassociate themselves with the river but it belongs to Ahmedabad, an unsaid possession in their eyes.

This apparent disclaimer makes one wonder at the people sitting at the riverfront, beside the river, on one long stretch of bench along its bank. In the morning, middle aged couples take a walk, youngsters and individuals cycle in groups or alone using the rent a cycle service, in the evening, students sit here, writing and designing, one boy will always be found playing a guitar. And the night belongs to quiet walks, cycles and lovers. The unique feeling that each of them carry is, no body wants to disturb the tranquility in the air. And that’s why perhaps, there is no one harassing the couples here, also credit due to the police patrol van.

Today, in 2020, a peaceful solitude in the cold evening, watching the water flow, I marvel at its maintenance, despite Ganesh Chaturthi, sewage and plenty other unknown reasons to me, the river has been routinely given a bath.

And now I heard, Prime minster Narendra Modi landed in Ahmedabad, via a seaplane from Kevadia colony to Sabarmati Riverfront, which is now base to a water aerodome, the ‘gatar ka pani’ is an international celebrity.

Take responsibility to convert something hopeless into something beautiful. It is our fear of mistakes that hold us back. But what if, leaders thought so?

“I make mistakes like the next man. In fact, being–forgive me–rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger.”

                                    - Albus Dumbledore.

#leadership #Responsibility #Depression #Inspiration


Leading a team when you have #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

How can I do this?
I've been asking myself that question for quite some time.
I didn't choose to be a leader.
Someone who knows me well decided to put their trust in me. I didn't want to let them down. That person came to me asking me to lead a team. Should I have said no?
I didn't said no, but I said "are you sure?"
That person said "I want you to learn and you can't learn without trying and failing and trying and failing till you finally do it right."
I reluctantly agreed, but deep inside it felt good that someone believes I can do this. I imagined myself as this confident person who led a team that did amazing achievements. I liked the idea of helping others learn and grow.
I accepted.
But can this person who has no self confidence, doesn't know who they are, that paranoid person lead a team? Can that gelatinous person lead a team, rise with them and do great things?
I had these thoughts at first, but I kept them inside because they could interfere with my work.
After a while leading the team, I feel now that I'm in over my head. I don't know how to move forward from here. I started confidently and enthusiastically, but I'm losing it now.
How shall I move forward now.
I always have these thoughts. Can the team see my insecurities? Will they leave me if they find out? Do they even want to be here?
I don't want to let them down. I want to help them. I want to help myself.
Can I find the way again? Was I even on the right track since I started this or have I wandered to a side dirt road...
I'll keep trying.
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #leadership #Anxiety #Insecure


HOW WE LOST OUR HUMANITY? #humanity #leadership #Motivation

5th of December a volunteering day, and I am proud to say I am a volunteer for six years. I share my legal knowledge almost every day.
It is not just a volunteering day, it’s day in which I wrote an encouragement message as support against femicide for UN Women .Two weeks ago I wrote a message to support UNICEF and every child right to education. Last week I signed FIA’s petition for safety driving and shared wake up call against climate change.

As a Lawyer and Specialist for Corporate Governance but also as human being I felt those actions as my obligation. Obligation to advocacy for better society, society without sexual harassment, discrimination, pollution, killing, devastation and gender equality.
Where and how we lost our dignity, humanity and willingness to ask, think, act and help?
How we become such a special kind of selfish persons?
Did we create our fake world in which we are sharing motivational and empowering quotes, pray for all or this “ all or nothing “ period in our human era created such kind of society in which we need life couches to teach us what is happiness, how to think and how to react?

Do we really know how to make a difference between real and fake smile of our colleague, friend or a neighbour. Are we gonna be brave enough to act?
Look around and inside of yourself and try to recall the last time you heard how someone help his colleague, recommended someone to a job position, did a mentorship work, or just said a couple good words to a manager about his co – worker?
Are we hiding behind light mobbing to pick up some good points at the next meeting or during personal conversation with a manager. The worst thing is unfortunately in large numbers of public and private companies it seems manager and CEO’s simply adore this kind of behavior because it’s the way they control the situation or at least they think they doSo, it looks like how compliance system empower fake and selfish behavior. But as someone who works in that field I must say it isn’t the truth. Compliance is on the paper, and there everything is good, clear, shiny and we do updating regularly.
Creating new strategies, implementing better rules, advocacy about inclusion, making every single effort to represent ourselves as a good, careful and caring, devoted to humanity, sustainability and higher good.

But it’s a fake picture.
We live in a time of emotionally weak people, time where Apple and Android box holds almost all secrets of our life.
Think! Ask yourself !
Humanity is screaming and giving signals for help. But are we able to hear it? If we do, what we gonna to do?
Admit to yourself if I am not right at least in one thing mentioned here those actions I mentioned at the beginning we won’t need.
We wouldn’t advocacy so strongly and passionately for a long time ago written fundamental human rights. We will advocacy for something better and new.
But unfortunately there is no enough strong light for those who wants to keep eyes closed.
I will continue my w