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    Have you ever?

    Have your ever felt like no one understands you?

    Like you are alive but yet you feel like you are also dead

    Have you ever tried to reach out or talk

    But then, you are like 'nah, they won't get it'

    Have you ever felt so anxious,

    you masked it with ridiculously lame and 'weird' humour or sarcasm?

    Just to make it look like you are super chill but you are really just nervous

    Have you ever wanted to win a stranger's heart

    By giving them random compliments or by trying to make them smile or laugh

    Secretly thinking to yourself that this is exactly how you feel everyone should be and treat each other

    Have you ever been so naive to ignore the bad in someone and focus solely on the positives and look at the good in everyone?

    Have you ever been so foolish that you've tried to help and support or cheer up someone that has repeatedly hurt you and you know does not care about you and probably would not do the same in return? Yet, you do it anyways?

    Have you ever just stared into space, zoned out and smile...

    Imagining your perfect little dream world

    Imagining Utopia

    Have you ever been so naturally 'high' that people have assumed you drank or did drugs?

    Have you ever felt happy inside but on the outside felt scared to express or show it because of well, so-called evil eye

    Have you ever not believed in superstitions yet still been anxious and overthink your interactions due to them

    Have you ever just been happy for no reason at all like a child

    Have you ever... just spontaneously wrote a post like this without even thinking?

    Impulsivity can be fun but it can be exhausting...

    Humour can be fun but be tiring...

    Good things come and go; it is okay to feel not okay and for bad times to also come, they also go.

    Don't stop being you due to the bad moments or days

    KEEP SMILING :) :) Your energy is contagious and is needed to make the world go round - YING YANG - hippie style

    #modernhippie #hippiestyle #yingyang #loa #TheSecret #Energy #vibe #GoodVibes #smile #keepsmiling #haveyouever #justdoit #taketheinitiative #takerisks #risk #Risks #Impulsivity #spontaneous #bebold #bold #Brave #courage #strength #Independence #freedom #freedomwriters #resilience #Empathy #compassion #humanity #happyness #pursuitofhappyness #justlisten #listen #justobserve


    Sharing saves me #sharingiscaring #humanity

    Sharing saved ne today. My daughter had pulled the tape that secures her oxygen to her face of for the 4th time today and was screaming the house down. I shared the experience and then my feelings with an older cousin of my partner. It helped to be validated, heard and not feel isolated.


    Need moral support #overworked #depleted #exhausted #achinglegs #wornout

    I am a hospital staff person. I work my soul off helping the old, the young, the dead , the dying. The kind people the rotten ingrates. The lovely ones and the grabby handsy ones. No matter who no matter what I give 150% to help. It’s so hard.everything hurts from my soul to my legs I see so much sadness so much tragedy so much pathos. I had a terribly difficult night. I need to get up and start my day. It’s hard . #notjustcovid #COVID #Sadness #tragedy #humanity #Caregiving #HealthCare #respiratorytherapy


    Why should i still want to live in this world? :/ #

    I am currently in the start-up phase of a business. My goal is to earn money. In the past, my goal was to create something that could help people and humanity. I don't want to get rich in a world where I know there is so much misery and no one can do anything about it. IT must work the WHOLE humanity to find solutions for a better life and a better earth!!!! But exactly that will never happen! there is no humanity felt, there are only countries, money, corporations, politics, and profit.

    I have informed myself for days for several hours and thought up a lot of things that do not yet exist. These ideas also carefully examined and more and more I came across projects or generally ingenious ideas that could help the whole world and also help climate change. The sad thing about all this is that there is a lack of money and I also regularly watch documentaries on all kinds of topics. This has moved me so much inside that I have no hope now. That I can't help the world, what's the point of organizing a climate strike or living vegan. When money rules the world. We as ordinary people can improve on the products we buy etc. but we can not control whether the waste is poured into the sea. Or that the companies build their products in such a way that it is no longer about the long life of products, but about new purchases. This becomes clearer and clearer to me and it also shows me that the government unfortunately does nothing. And all those who want to do something, have visions, etc. very often lack the money to implement it and you are only asked by investors whether it makes a profit, how much and when.The future will look very bleak in my opinion. Unfortunately, I can not live as if everything is good, I can not just look at my house and think: oh well I'm fine I have money and everything! I no longer want to live in this WORLD.

    I wish all who have read this all the best. I do not wish anyone this realization that I have made to the extent. It would only be sadness, hopelessness and rage associated with it.

    #World #future

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    More than machinery we need humanity. #humanity #Faith #Hope #Love

    I'm here! In a parallel universe and seems to be on another planet. In a place where time stood still, people were replaced by bots with the same algorithm. The scientific discoveries of the world were invented by science fiction writers. Religion provides answers to all questions of morality.
    The constant feeling of anxiety to lose oneself, the fear of merging into a faceless mass humbly repeating the same cycle.
    Only Hope that behind the ice garrison people are full of aspirations for life, participating in the race for the right to be called humanity.


    Worldwide pain and secondary trauma #

    I have been feeling emotional across the spectrum, overwhelmed, isolated, incapable, and acting out of fear and discomfort. I am trying to learn how to connect with and support those suffering greatly now without taking on their pain and seeing my mental wellness spiral to its deepest lows. I think we all know pain. How it shows up may be different, but it is there nonetheless. Can we acknowledge how overwhelming just every single thing is, step back and breathe, and show compassion to ourselves right now? Can we show compassion for those in crisis that have also harmed us? How do we amplify our love for community and humanity? #Trauma #mentalwellness #Depression #Anxiety #EmotionalFirstaidFit #Love #compassion #humanity #COVID19 #Fear #Healing

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    Feeling Your Feels

    New day Mighties! Often times when we feel what we feel, others judge, dismiss or down right ridicule us. Sometimes we really be needing intervention and because of whatever the reason, we are left to either suffer in silence or to experience preventable situations. I may not be able to rid you of the hurt, just know I care and if you find it difficult feeling your feels, please reach out for help. Your feelings matter💕 #humanity
    #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #ChronicPain


    This wasn't a global coincidence.

    This wasn't a global coincidence. It's a wake up call.

    Look around and see what's happening.

    Quarantined people in Wuhan can hear birds outside their windows for the first time because there is no noise pollution.

    The smog over China has cleared.

    The water in Venice is clear and you can see the fish.

    Italians are singing to each other from their balconies.

    A fitness pro ran a rooftop fitness class with others participating on their balconies in Spain.

    A couple ate at Irma's in Houston Monday and left a $9,400 tip for the entire staff to help their families eat over the next 2 weeks.

    Whataburger delivered food to exhausted HEB grocery employees.

    And on. And on. And on.

    We can do better. When this is over, we have to do


    Humanity. Pass it on.

    #MightyMoment #COVID #humanity