Since escaping from my abuser, my life is now my own.

Let me tell you about the freedom.

Maybe it will encourage you. Maybe it will inspire you escape from your own abuser.


I eat whatever I want now.

I eat all kinds of interesting and delicious things. No longer do I need to worry about what my "partner" thinks. What another person wants. The things they like, but I don’t. The things I like, but they don’t. My cupboard and refrigerator is now filled with things he would never recognize. Delicious things! Things I don’t need anyone else’s approval, to eat and enjoy.

No one looks down on me for what I eat. If I want to get junk, I eat junk. When I want to eat roasted vegetables, I eat roasted vegetables. There is no one here to judge me for it, or use it as a reason to feel superior to me. I find that my body tells me when it’s had enough.

Also, I can afford to eat whatever I want, because I’m not feeding anyone else but myself anymore. My abuser was a master exploiter, so I was always paying for his food in addition to my own. What are you supposed to do, eat in front of them when they can’t/won’t pay for food? Of course not, you’re going to share your food and feed them. Unless you’re an ogre.

Now I can eat out at moderately priced restaurants occasionally, because I’m not paying for another person. Very enjoyable. That’s big.

There’s more descriptions of my Freedom coming up!

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll elaborate!

❤️ Love,
Lynn Felicia

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