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    Community Voices

    What to do when you don’t know what to do? #Depression #PTSD #Narcissiticabuse

    Finally broke the trauma bond after 7 years in narcissistic abuse. It took 10 months. I can finally say I miss having someone but it isn’t him. For 5 months I laid on the floor and cried and rarely left my home. Finally sold my home and moved in with mom with dementia so my siblings wouldn’t put her away. Small town, no sitters full time, can’t work without sitters, love to hunt but wore out with it now. No fun alone. No place to volunteer. Money will be a factor soon. I pray and pray for answers. Caretaking is harder than being a mother. I see myself slipping back into the depression. I need to work to keep my mind occupied. Tried meditating, can’t turn thoughts off. Not suicidal any more, but have no purpose it seems. The repetitiveness of dementia patients wears me out. I get 4 days off a month. That’s my help from siblings. Why do I care enough to sacrifice myself to make sure my mom is taken care of. 61 years old, in shape, not hard on the eyes, educated, can’t date, no sitters, don’t even know if I want to. Do you ever feel like you don’t care if tomorrow comes or not? I can’t find direction.

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    Stop Explaining, Move On

    <p>Stop Explaining, Move On</p>
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    Community Voices

    Hopefully Freedom Arrives This Week 🙏

    <p>Hopefully Freedom Arrives This Week 🙏</p>
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    New Community! [SpousalNarcissismAbuseSurvivors]
    Please join and feel free to offer suggestions/ideas on how to improve the page!

    <p>New Community! [SpousalNarcissismAbuseSurvivors]<br>Please join and feel free to offer suggestions/ideas on how to improve the page!</p>
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    Feeling deserted and abandoned by family. #Narcissiticabuse #Depression

    So as I have written before I left he narcissist almost 3 months ago. I have been doing ok. Went thru a couple months of breakdowns crying grieving because we were in business together and I lost everything job home partner friends coworkers everything. Now he hired my sister and my niece neither of which can do my job but just to hurt me. I am devastated they went to work for him. Crushed. Back in the depression and grieving stage. He has destroyed me financially emotionally mentally and some physically with ruptured disk in my neck. I just can’t get out of this hole again. Never been this low.

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    Narcissistic abuse recovery

    Hi everyone,

    Just looking for support on how you can get over a narcissistic relationship. My story is mentally exhausting, hes gotten into my head that im the crazy one im the one who wrecked things.. anyone want to share stories? Advice on how to move on and get over it? How its affected your relationships affer the fact? Just hoping theres other people out there that have gone through the same situation #Narcissiticabuse #narcissisticpartner

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    Love yourself first.

    <p>Love yourself first.</p>
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