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Celebrating A Life with Chronic Illness and so Grateful for Milestones and Opportunities

I so hope you enjoy this blog post, celebrating over 4000 plays on my podcast.

In this blog post, I've included links to the top podcast episodes, which include interviews with other chronic illness warriors.

Each of their own chronic illness and disease journeys are just so inspiring and well worth listening to. The links are embedded in the blog post.

I am forever grateful for anyone listening, reading, following, liking, and commenting. You all mean the world to me.

I'm incredibly grateful to The Mighty for publishing so many of my articles since 2017 and providing me with a writing platform that encouraged me to become a published author last year.

Such blessings remind me daily that Chronic illness is a part of our lives, not all of our lives.

Love, Sam xx

Wow! I’ve Reached an Amazing Podcast Milestone.

#Podcast #Blog #author #lifestories #ChronicIllness #milestones

Wow! I’ve Reached an Amazing Podcast Milestone.

I’m so excited that my podcast, “Medical Musings with Sam,” has reached over 4000 plays.This is a huge achievement for a small podcast with a unique genre. I’m also apparent…
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Looking Back To Look Forward......Sharing Our Stories

The past two weeks I have been flat out recording Podcast episodes and establishing my new venture, "Medical Musings With Sam."

As I’ve recorded each episode, in particular, “My Story”, which is my first episode in Series 1, then “My Stoma Story” and “The Day My Femur Broke” episodes in series 3……wow I was not expecting such a range of emotions to come bubbling to the surface!!

My husband and I had forgotten how much we have been through over the past 6 years. It’s been crazy, ridiculous even, and I couldn’t have concocted such a story script if asked!!

So, I’m a little exhausted as a result of it all, which is not surprising. It’s a good exhaustion. It comes from achieving something important to me.

One of the most eye opening outcomes of starting my Podcast is not overly profound, but I think it's integral to living with, and owning, our chronic illness stories.

I realised, if we can look back, we can look forward. We can see how far we’ve come. We can see how strong we’ve been. We can see how we were able to overcome each and every hurdle when, at the time, we thought we never would.

We can see how strong we really are, when perhaps we keep giving ourselves a message of being unable to go on. If we look back at how far we’ve come, how much we’ve overcome, we can gain strength for today, strength for tomorrow.

For more of my thoughts and very emotional journey, I've written a blog post which might help you as you look back on your own story, as you try to make sense of it all.

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