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    Grieving My Life

    <p>Grieving My Life</p>
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    I've been sat here reading a few #articles on here about loneiness and chronic illness, ways to combat it like joining a yoga class (physically impossible) meeting a friend for a coffee what if you only have a few friends and they're always busy. I feel I'm the one always reaching out to do things and I'm the one that's sick for once I'd love a message of lets have a movie day at yours and chill on the sofa with snacks. I feel the more I try the more abandoned I feel, I do have a good family but that's not the same as having q partner or laughing with friends. I'm 32 this year and whilst I'm happy for the #milestones family members and #Friends reach in life each one just reminds me of how time is passing me by and I'm alone 90% of the time. I try my hardest to stay positive but at the end of the day we all need that interaction, comfort etc to #thrive more as humans. I'm just putting mt thoughts out there today as ite a sunny bankholiday in the UK amd o can't help but think of a time I would have been sat out in the sun with friends having drinks and lunch somewhere but instead I'm totally #alone .

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    Autism mom - Both my boys were non-verbal

    <p>Autism mom - Both my boys were non-verbal</p>
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    The end of my dental journey which started in 2005.
    This is what happened Friday: It was a horrendous experience though. My mouth was already hurting and the whole 2 hours I was there I was in agony and the dentist didn't believe me and kept telling me I wasn't in pain and I was crying hysterically the whole time as he put screws in my mouth and I begged him to stop. I went back yesterday because I was having trouble taking the dentures in and out and they wanted me to practice. I had put on makeup and everything for my after picture but I wound up crying it all off.
    Gloria, the assistant, was wonderful, however, and she told me when I went back yesterday to have makeup on and she would take new pictures.
    But, after it was over, I went to the bathroom and kept smiling and smiling.

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    What goals have you achieved this year that you're most proud of, and what ones have you set for 2019?

    This year is almost over, and while it can drag with chronic illness, it's important to stop and recognise all of the milestones and achievements you've accomplished this year. What has gone well for you? What are you most proud of? What did you do that you didn't imagine possible? And to carry that over to next year, what are you hoping to achieve for 2019? What's on your challenge list for the year to come? #MightyQuestions #MightyTogether #achievements #celebrate #thesmallthings #2018 #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #MentalHealth #Depression #milestones #believeinyourself #youvegotthis

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