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New Episode Alert! Making Pain Scales Work for You 1️⃣-🔟=🙃

Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way: “traditional” pain scales can be a little ableist, a lot subjective, and oftentimes unhelpful — and an actual barrier to care — for people who live with chronic pain. In this episode of Table Talk, Ashley (hey that’s me!) is joined by @melissa4454, @carla1234, and @chronicallymeh to discuss how pain scales are an outdated practice, how they like to describe their pain to health care providers instead, and share tips to make the most of your appointments, including an introduction to the “Splat Scale” method by Mighty contributor Christina Irene. (You can learn more about that here: themighty.com/topic/chronic-pain/how-to-communicate-pain/)

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A new episode of The Mighty Podcast!? ‼️ Period Paint Points

Do you ever feel like riding a horse while on your period? Neither do we, but apparently period product commercials believe we do (and we have #opinions!). In this episode of The Mighty Podcast, host Ashley (hi that's me!) is joined by @camararollin, Shruti @chronicallymeh, and @skyeg to talk about the “taboo” experience that is having a period. They discuss societal “norms,” what doctors do – and specifically don’t – know, and just wait to hear some of the go-to euphemisms we use when it’s that time of the month.

🎧 spoti.fi/3Pn6jMY

New episodes of The Mighty Podcast coming to you monthly! What topic do you want us to dive into?

#ChronicPain #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #PMDD #Periods #Podcasts #Endometriosis

The Mighty Podcast

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New Episode Alert! Grief and Its Many Forms 🌀

Grief is one of the most common traumas that we all experience, and yet it looks so different for each of us. In this episode, @xokat is joined by @chronicallymeh and Anthony to discuss loss of all shapes and sizes — of people, of experiences, of “what ifs” — and how it’s affected their lives. We’re asking the tough questions: Who owns collective grief? Whose grief matters most? What two-word phrase actually helps in those tough moments? (And to you, the person who is grieving, we see you. We hope you’ll find comfort in this conversation.)

Grab your headphones, your favorite beverage, and subscribe to Table Talk With The Mighty to hear more topics like this every Wednesday!


#MentalHealth #Grief #Trauma #Podcasts

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What podcasts :) do you like/ recommend ?

I am currently reading a helpful Oprah podcast episode from Super Soul Sunday, it helps sometimes to put my life into perspective by hearing other people’s life stories and knowing that I’m resilient doing my best where I currently am at while working towards where I want to go.

#Oprah #Podcasts #MentalHealth #Comment #suggestions #thanks #Christmas #selfhelp #audio #resources

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What podcasts are you listening to when starting your week?

It's a new week! Is there a podcast that you like to listen to while starting your week? It can be a podcast that helps you unwind, get distracted, get informed, get you motivated for the day, or whatever is it is you need to start your week. Let us know your weekly starter podcast below!

Let's connect with the ones we know and find new podcasts ideas to start our weeks.

#MentalHealth  #Podcasts #DistractMe #Podcast #podcastpeeps #Community #Support #listen

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What advice do you have for parents of teens who are navigating illness?

I wanted to share a quick but Mighty listen from the “Child Life On Call” podcast with The Mighty’s very own Community Content Producer Kat Harrison!

Listen to Kat discuss what it was like as a teenager navigating living with chronic illness. She talks about the importance of letting teenagers lead the way when it comes to boundaries and conversations around mental health.

The episode also delves into being intentional with how much families should discuss medical challenges and the importance of maintaining autonomy and integrity as a person first, diagnosis second.

Listen to the episode here: www.childlifepodcast.com/2022/01/19/episode-103-a-talk-with-...

What podcast should we spotlight next?

#ChronicIllness #Migraine #Support #TheMighty #Podcast #Podcasts #listen #MentalHealth #Parenting #DistractMe #ChronicPain #CheckInWithMe #Disability

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What podcast would you listen to while traveling for the holidays?

Whether traveling for the holidays or going on a vacation for any reason what is a podcast you would listen to on either your drive, flight, train, boat ride, etc?
Share in the comments below!
#MentalHealth #DistractMe #TravelTips #Travel #Holidays #Podcasts #Podcast #podcastpeeps #TheMightyPodcast #listen #Share #TheMighty


Interesting podcast!

For all of my fellow podcast fans, NPR' Invisibilia did a great episode yesterday called "Poop Friends," as part of their friendship season. They talked about the importance of talking about poop, the history of pooping through the years (ha!), and they heard from someone living with Crohn's Disease and how Camp Oasis changed her perspective on IBD. It's a fun, informative, and relatable listen. You can search "Invisibilia" on any podcast providers and look for the episode called "Poop Friends." It's also here: www.npr.org/transcripts/1050050716

#CrohnsDisease #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #UlcerativeColitis #Podcasts

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