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    Picture Description: Authors planning their story in their head vs. (Twelve seconds later) Authors writing their story. #Writing #author #Characters

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    #Mindfulness #Therapy

    After watching the @migraineworldsummit , I’ve decided to try yoga. It’s challenging for me to find time and energy to exercise, especially when symptoms are always there, but I need to find other ways to help me ease muscle tension which triggers migraine attacks. ⁣

    I am excited to add mindfulness therapy to my routine, such as meditation, breathing techniques and yoga. I am hoping that these practices will also show some favorable results for my dystonia symptoms. ⁣

    I look forward to seeing some improvements in my daily living. ⁣

    #migraine #migrainerelief #dystonia #dystoniawarrior #wondermommy #author #chronicillnesslife #chronicillnesswarrior #advocate #healthblogger #yoga #yogapractice #beginneryoga #healthylifestylecoach #advocate

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    my first book!

    Y’all, my first book, a 40 day devotional for Spoonies - for the Lenten season or year round - is available for pre-order now on Amazon. I’m so excited and grateful. 🖤
    This is a dream come true.

    #author #Christianity #lent

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    #AskMe how to channel differences into something creative.

    Hello Mighties!

    I’m Trace Wilson — disability advocate, author of the children’s book “Uniquely Me”, comic book writer, and motivational speaker. I was born without a right hand, and growing up I worried about being different. My books are written to help kids with disabilities overcome the same hurdles I faced when I was younger, and I believe that everyone can find creativity and help others through their own unique differences.

    This week, I’ll be answering your questions about how channel your differences into something creative — how to identify those differences, how to accept them, and how to find the best creative outlet to express them!

    [Note: I am not a medical professional and cannot dispense medical advice of any nature.]

    I look forward to your questions! Post them in the comments below and I’ll reply throughout the week!

    #Disability #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #LimbDifference #Writing #author

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    Disability Don’t Mean Can’t

    I’ve already posted about DDMCman, a disabled superhero used to spread the DDMC message and now I’d like to explain a little about Disability Don’t Mean Can’t (DDMC for short).

    DDMC is a fitness & motivational resource designed to increase quality of life through healthy living.
    The number one, number two, & number three tools DDMC utilizes are FUN, awareness & of coarse fitness/exercise.

    Since “The Mighty” contains some scholarly types I’d like to bring up grammar. I was fortunate enough to experience a college education and strongly believe in the importance of grammar. But DDMC is a motivation thAng not a grammar thIng. DDMC encourages a better quality of life using FUN.

    I’ve lived close to 40 years and half that time I have worked as a public servant. Among my vast & various duties teaching (F. Y. I. I’m not a teacher) has been first and foremost. Through my many years working/teaching the general public I have learned teaching has a greater chance of working if the one receiving the education is having fun. Oh, and I am a disabled individual. I know for a fact and on a personal level intellectual disabilities exist & I did have to make sure my higher education was fun.

    Intellectual disabilities make life hard enough. People with learning disabilities deserve fitness, motivation, and a better quality of life too. So I proudly say Disability Don’t Mean Can’t!

    #Fitness #Exercise #Gym #words #author #Ataxia #Disability #Caregiving

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    The Couples Relationship with #ChronicIllness

    A couple’s #relationship can affect the development and management of a #ChronicIllness in a variety of ways. As a #psychotherapist who helps couples battle chronic illness, I find that we need more research on how marital status influences the quality of life of the chronically ill. When the both of you are at the optimal balance between intimacy and autonomy, your boundaries touch yet remain distinct. You both must be aware of each other’s needs and emotions. Why is this so important? Because this will drive and determine the sexual #intimacy in your relationship. The skills that shape the your relationship such as allocating roles, respecting #boundaries communicating effectively, and agreeing on relationship rules, can promote a healthy sex life. Part of my work as a psychotherapist includes helping couples with allocating sexual roles. Many #couples give all responsibility for initiating sex to one partner. This is not always the case with all couples, but it becomes a problem when one partner becomes ill. When confronted by a chronic illness, it is critical to examine your sexual #Communication and sexual rules. You may need to take a less performance oriented attitude towards sex and #explore new ways of pleasuring each other. Playfulness can ease tension and the both of you can focus on your attractive points rather than striving to match perfection. #sexandlovewhenyouaresick #firstbook #author #writer #sextherapy #Psychotherapy #couples #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain


    "I am an overcomer of depression , here is what I learned."

    My name is Karen Kennedy. I am an overcomer. I struggled with depression for 13 years and am FINALLY free from it. I am also an inspirational author and have told a part of my story in two anthologies "I am beautiful" and "Women warriors with angel wings" I will be releasing a new book soon called "You're never too old to" I am brand new to the community. I look forward to connecting with you. Feel free to follow me. :) #Overcomer #inspirational #author #Depression #practiceoptimism #practicedoptimist #lovehealsall