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Fuck it, I’m blonde now! #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BorderlineStigma #identitycrisis #fuckdepression

So I’m blonde now. Cut my hair. Am starting to be more blunt yet trying to be respectful to my family’s manipulation actions. Recognize they love me. But I’m in charge of my life. Not them. So yeah, one day at a time. But you know what? Yeah I have borderline personality disorder but that doesn’t mean I’m the problem in my family. Disease is. Theirs too. So with a good attitude, responsibility, self love and love towards them, in that order, I can and will move on and consequently they will too. #Depression #Anxiety #Life #DysfunctionalFamily #Loveistheway #fuckhaters #LoveLetters #lovenothate

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#DandelionDreams #Loveistheway #HumbleBumbleBugsaGlow #HBB

"Love is the sweetest thing thing. Nothing on earth could ever bring such happiness to everything. Loves old story"

Today I awoke to the sound of nature's first song as day broke through at dawn. To hear Mr Blackbirds introduction to the dawning and beginnings of a whole new day, brings delight and joy to my heart and mind. A comfort and resolute feeling of completeness envelopes me in my early now very late slumber. I was up conversing with a new love, a new friend, a new future hopeful travel companion. We dreamt and prophicised our possible future together. Its lovely to dream together isn't it. To chat about hopes and dreams together. To share in those heartfelt hopes and dream, together. That is something I have a lack of, missing, these past years since the big 'D' and the death of my marriage. Heartbreaking is divorce. A loss that can be described as only "The Walking Dead". Lost broken hearted soul that I became. Devoid of genuine heartfelt emotion. A true zombie. Never in my life would I ever have thought that I would become one of the walking dead caused by heartbreak....... Sigh!

So today I write with a hopeful heart. That my new love will stand by me through thick and thin. Through hell or high water. In sickness and health. That is my Dandelion prophecy for myself today. I hope this too for so many out there that have gone through heartbreak and are going through it today. God Bless you all for having given love a chance. Never give up because your one true soul mate. Your kindred spirit is out there. Searching for your heart too. Amen X