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Can you know yourself and not know who you are?

I've been told a lot that I have great insight and self-awareness, and yet today I realized that I don't really know who I am. I used to define myself with adjectives that just describe a diagnosis, and dream of a certain career that said diagnosis cost me. Then I defined myself as "The disabled girl whose life fell apart." I don't know who else I am, but there has to be more, right? #Disability #Neurodiversity #identitycrisis


DM me?

Looking for people who have an interest in listening/are the natural caregiver type. I live with schizoaffective disorder and osdd, among other things. Between disorders, i find myself in a child like identity quite often. It’s nothing fetishy, just dissociative. It would be really comforting to have someone chat with me in a nurturing way. I know I’m a stranger, but since my reality is false I can adapt to scenarios quickly. What I mean is it won’t be weird or unrealistic for me. Whether I’m childlike or not, I’m in desperate need of conversation. If you’d rather talk maturely I’m capable of that too. So feel free to DM. This is just an open invitation, nothing serious or weird! I’ll try to listen if you need also.

#SchizoaffectiveDisorder #BipolarDisorder #Schizophrenia #osdd #dissociativedisorders #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #EatingDisorders #Depression #lonely #Selfharm #venting #MoodDisorders #moodswings #ThoughtDisorganization #Suicide #identitycrisis #adhdwoman #Anxiety

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Fuck it, I’m blonde now! #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BorderlineStigma #identitycrisis #fuckdepression

So I’m blonde now. Cut my hair. Am starting to be more blunt yet trying to be respectful to my family’s manipulation actions. Recognize they love me. But I’m in charge of my life. Not them. So yeah, one day at a time. But you know what? Yeah I have borderline personality disorder but that doesn’t mean I’m the problem in my family. Disease is. Theirs too. So with a good attitude, responsibility, self love and love towards them, in that order, I can and will move on and consequently they will too. #Depression #Anxiety #Life #DysfunctionalFamily #Loveistheway #fuckhaters #LoveLetters #lovenothate



i feel like i'm not myself anymore. usually it's good but now it feels like i've fell deep into something that i don't even know. i am more awkward to interact with people now and i can't help but feel very empty. though i know it's my own fault that i distant myself from everyone.
i hate this feeling because there are no words to describe it.

sometimes i regret myself to be away from everyone, but sometimes i have to bcs it's too much for me. but then everything will be different and i'll just be there, like an alien; don't know where i stand, where i fit or even who i am. i'd love to be with everyone, but then i'll get too attached and everything is just overwhelming that it makes me go away for awhile. and once i'm back, everyone is already gone..

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FearOfAbandonment #identitycrisis


Was I really manic?

I was diagnosed BiPolar 3 years ago at age 50. The diagnosis came about after a few years of uncharacteristic behavior which included 2 affairs the second one which destroyed my 27 year marriage to my high school sweetheart. We are both still heartbroken. During all of the chaos it seemed like my life was out of control. O lost my job, my marriage, my friends, my home and starting living with my parents. My mom died unexpectedly adding to the depression that naturally followed the mania. I was suicidal and didn’t know how to repair my relationship or my life. I am doing better mentally, still divorced and not able to fix my relationship with my ex husband mostly because he doesn’t believe it was all bipolar. He thinks i enjoyed the freedom, the flirting, the attention from guys, spending money, etc. now that i am mentally stable and properly medicated i look back and wonder if he is right. I honestly cant tell the difference between real and mania. Is this normal? I dont even know my own truth. Its freaking me out a little bit. I thought i was past this. Thoughts?? #confused #identitycrisis

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Code Switching

So I’m staying with a friend till my family gets settled in our new home. She’s been so amazing we talk a lot it’s almost as if I have an on-site psychiatrist. I really struggle with my identity I always have growing up in two really diverse atmospheres. When I was with my family I always felt like I wasn’t black enough I never sounded like everyone else even my siblings I’ve always spoke proper and I try and talk to fit in and sound ridiculous. When with my second family which is white and I’m obviously black I felt like am I too black I’d say stuff no one understood or could relate and I’d feel silly and just not communicate with anyone. My boyfriend is white he’s absolutely amazing and understanding i never thought I’d find someone willing to take on me and all my health baggage I feel like he’s the only person I can truly be myself and fully let my guard down around #CodeSwitch #CodeSwitching #Baggage #Lupus #Fibromyalgia #CVID #CommonVariableImmuneDeficiency #InterstitialCystitis #Osteoarthritis #Pain #Love #help #Selflove #Selfcare #Selfhate #ImAMess #Identity #identitycrisis


I Want to Change My Identity

I don’t want to be me anymore, so I think I’ll go by hair dye again, even though I dyed it a few days ago. I have this sudden urge to change everything. I want to be someone else. I’m anxious to change things and I want to do it NOW. #MentalHealth #identitycrisis #identitydisturbance


how do you cope on an everyday basis with bpd? #BPD #Borerlinepersonalitydisorder #identitycrisis

Hi, my name is Hannah Rose. I just got diagnosed with bpd. I’ve been having a hard time coping, staying rational, and not feeling guilty for everything. I was hoping someone could give me some advice that helps them