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    Accommodation is important

    Sometimes Xandra can feel self conscious about all the things she has to take with her:
    * A backpack with work items, food, pills, heating pads, extra clothes, TENS machine
    * A purse with her wallet and other personal items
    * A folding recliner so she can go to an event afterwards

    Her Lyft Driver Misty reassures her that it's no bother and helps her get everything loaded and unloaded.

    Making sure Xandra has what she needs is important and she is grateful that she has such a helpful driver. She let's Misty know that Lyft drivers are essential to her way of life. It's not an easy job, but she hopes that knowing how much they help her makes it feel more worthwhile.

    Xandra also knows that tips are a very important part of the income for any driver, so she tips at least 5 dollars or 20% for rides, whichever value is higher.

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    Ride services help people with mobility issues

    Xandra gets everywhere by Lyft these days. She'd rather drive herself but between her pain and her meds she knows that that isn't a safe choice.

    Her Lyft drivers are nearly always kind and fun to talk to.

    She often thinks about people who are less mobile than her. It's easy for her to get into an SUV like this one, but that's not true for many riders. The drivers have told her that they have to help many people get in.

    She's talked to Lyft about adding a setting to their app to exclude any trucks or SUVs but Lyft isn't listening.

    #Lyft #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Accessibility #Disability #Barbie #Representationmatters


    Lyft seriously needs to bring their accessibility into the 21st century. First, when you turn on the "wheelchair accessible" option in the app settings, drivers are not notified that an accessible ride has been requested. We've been late for appointments several times because a driver didn't know that we needed an accessible ride or was going to show up in a huge truck or SUV, which my spouse can not get into.

    The entire reason that we use Lyft, instead of the transportation services for which AJ has been approved after having multiple strokes, is that those services are so unreliable and do not operate as if they value the time and energy of their users. Just two missed appointments without proper notice could get them discharged from either of the clinics where they're currently being treated.

    Our trip on Monday took the cake. The first driver who showed up was rude right off the bat. He complained about his car seat getting a little wet in the rain, while my spouse sat in their wheelchair, getting soaked. He was also able bodied, and it was like pulling teeth to get him to help me try to fit the wheelchair in his trunk. I'd even texted him AND included pickup notes, both stating that we needed help getting a folding wheelchair into the trunk. It wouldn't work; we had to unload and wait for another driver. While I was wrestling with the chair, the driver brought AJ their walker... And stood with it five feet away from AJ, where they couldn't reach it.

    Lyft's app needs an accessibility overhaul... And perhaps they should provide some sensitivity training for drivers, while they're at it. Passengers in need of reasonable accommodation should be able to check off features/help that they need for their ride. That info should then should be matched against the services and features drivers are willing and able to provide, to ensure that some of their most vulnerable customers don't have to deal with situations like this.

    This encounter was a ridiculous waste of time and energy for disabled folks without much energy to begin with, and it was entirely preventable. If our experience was this bad, I can't imagine the difficulties that folks with more severe limitations are having.

    I contacted customer service about this and was told that I wouldn't be matched with the driver again, despite the fact that he hadn't officially accepted the ride. While I appreciate that, Lyft's rep said nothing in response to my concerns regarding software updates to support their disabled patrons.

    Please consider signing and sharing my petition.

    #Wheelchair #Accessibility #Lyft #petition #Ableism #Stroke