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True story

Another traumatic experience to add to my story.

Makes it hard to think and everytime I close my eyes there it is again.

Again and again...

Something I never wanted to happen again happened again.

I think I'm a little screwed up in the head.

Like a wound up clock ticking away.
My mind forever keeps leading me astray.

I snap back to reality "How are you doing?" The doctor asks.

"I'm okay." I say with a painted on smile.

#CPTSD #MightyPoets #Poetry #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Complex Post Traumatic Stress

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Trying to use self-discipline on negative thoughts
#CPTSD #Complex Post Traumatic Stress #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

Why is it so hard to shut down the bad thinking that goes in in my head? It seems like an endless stream of negativity. And just because I am aware of it doesn’t mean I can stop it.

Anyone else struggle with this or know of any tips to help?

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Music for pre-op in 4-5 hours for a likely trauma triggering set of procedures?

Hi Mighty community! Please send me the songs you would recommend for the above situation. If possible, Amazon (not unlimited) or Apple Music are preferred, or YouTube, so I can just quickly plug everything into a big playlist. Terrified and need a mighty playlist desperately. Thanks # PID#Complex trauma #multiple chronic illnesses

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Lol. 🧠

<p>Lol. 🧠</p>
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We're braver than we think.

<p>We're braver than we think.</p>
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Maybe I don't remember his eyes, his hands o even his name but I can't ignore all that he left , all that flashbacks in the form of souvenirs that hunt me like that little breeze in the first days of autumn those that somehow find the way to my deepest my soul.

I remember his touch, his hard and manly hands going through my skin, tarnishing my body, my blood, like a little lamb in the mouth of a wolf making this disturbing feeling even more fearsome than just a memory.
How can I forget the fea...that day he changed me, he changed and he changed us just to be another abuse story, one of those that are abundant in this childhood, in this society. And now he's just the wolf to my dreams, my sleep, the love I can't feel, he's the wolf of me, the lamb.

#childabusesurvivors #PTSD #MeToo #Complex Post Traumatic Stress #Abuse #Survivor of rape and or molestation #Rape #RapeSurvivors #Nightmares #poetrytherapy

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Am I gonna be fine?

I think the hardest thing for me is not knowing when my PTSDC is gonna desapear,it's not like any other illnesses so how do I know that someday I'm gonna be able to fall in love or to walk around the streets without being afraid? Does it really comes a time when u're actually cured? Or I'll just have to learn how to live with it? Please share your journey... For me it's been a year and a half of treatment sometimes I feel like this is never gonna end...

#PTSD #CPTSD #Complex Post Traumatic Stress #Complex Post Traumatic Stress

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Community Voices

Was diagnosed with depression anxiety and #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder a year ago had an absolute meltdown this week resorted to starving myself and self harm. I had therapy again recently which has brought up alot of the emotional abuse I went through growing up and I feel like I'm reliving all those emotions again. I've had an assessment this morning and it is believed I may have been misdiagnosed and have #Complex Post Traumatic Stress instead. Anyone else have this experience or advice I've never felt so alone and isolated

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Anyone with childhood trauma have nightmares that do not replay traumatic experiences? #Complex Post Traumatic Stress

I am a survivor of childhood and adult relational trauma. I have horrifying nightmares that I believe are because of the trauma I have experienced. But they don't replay past traumatic experiences. They aren't anything I've seen in movies or images.I don't like scary movies anyway because the fear response I have is so extreme. My dreams are more distressing and horrifying than I think have ever been in a movie. I don't know how my brain comes up with these images and scenarios,. Does anyone else with childhood trauma/ CPTSD have trauma dreams like this?

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