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Am I the only one? (Relationships) #Selfesteem

So I find myself these days haven pretty much given up on any type of a romantic relationship. It’s like I just want made to have them. Something inside me isn’t wired properly to even be able to start them. So, #oneday has become #maybesomeday which has give way like a landslide to #whybother and his wingman #DontBotherGettingExcited . It always ends in the same place; right back where I started - nowhere. (Saying this full well knowing that it’s 100% me and I need to solve my own shit and get over it)
Somedays I convince myself I’m cool with it…

So I ask - this can’t just be me, right?


Branches #MightyPoets #Depression

Its November now and my tree have lost it
all it leafs.
So I can see how their branches heavy with their burdens,
Have been bent and twisted towards the ground..
I feel like that tree. My own burdens have left me bent.
There are some days I want to break and just fall..
Like a tree branch in the wind down upon the ground
But just like in that same tree theres little branches
Reaching up towards the Sun, and like that tree,
I know my life here has new beginnings yet unfound.
So this pain seems never ending and no one seems to understand,
I'll trudge on through this darkness, till I too can reach for the sun. #mentalillnessisntfun #noonewantsdepression #maybesomeday #thegooddayswilloutweighthebad