#Laugh #thinkhappythoughts #happy #Motivated #keepgoing

Sometimes you have to add a little humor to serious situations. In my case, I have found it is the best way to push myself in a direction of healing when something traumatic occurs. I would much rather find a little something to smerk, smile, grin, chuckle, giggle, or laugh about than having nothing at all.

I often worry about things that do not ever occur. Then there are times where a large change occurs and I find myself nerve-racking for days. But a little bit of humor goes a long way. Just like the photo of #MeleniaTrump , it reminds me about taking a political situation and make jokes. I take jokes from both sides. Being too serious causes big problems for people, especially myself.

I am feeling pretty good tonight. It is 11:20pm on 10/19/2020. Where ever you are at this time, I hope you are well. Whatever time you read this, I pray you are doing well. I hope that tomorrow you have a fantastic day. I hope tonight you #Sleep well. Add a little laugh to your night or your day, and #keepmovingforward .