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Some embroidery for you!#ChronicPain #Disability #Grief #MightyCraftRoom

This is a picture of my mother taken in 1927. I finally decided to frame it.
So I dyed linen in tea to get the desired sepia color. I then embroidered a cheerful vine on it to frame her sweet face.
I am very pleased with the result!

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My latest project #ChronicPain #Disability #Depression #MightyCraftRoom .

Several months ago, my dear friend Emerald, commented on another Texas stitchery I had done for my daughter. She said she loved it, but it would be great in rainbow colors.
A month ago, I got busy and started on her
"rainbow Texas ".
This is the result. I included a banner representing LGBTQ,
She is a good friend, my little dog Russell loves her, and I'm so glad that she is in my life. Did I forget to mention that Emerald is trans?
I'm so fortunate that she has been in my life.

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Today I’m trying to choose joy #TheMightyCraftRoom

I definitely colored for too long doing this page, but it came out so good I can’t even be mad that my neck and head hurt a little more than usual. What do y’all think?

Choosing joy may be harder than it looks sometimes, but for me today, it definitely feels worth it. I have a neurologist appointment tomorrow, so I have some anxiety about that, but I’m not allowing myself to wallow in it. Distractions, like coloring, can be a really helpful tool! 💕

#Crafting #AdultColoringBooks #coloring #todayichoosejoy #choosejoy #MightyCraftRoom #ChronicIllness #Color #colors #DistractMe #CheckInWithMe