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Coloring #AdultColoringBooks #AdultColoring #mindfullness

I was looking for things to do and I remembered all my coloring supplies I had. So I pulled out the sharpie markers and started coloring for the first time in a long time. Here is the first picture I completed.

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Hummingbirds with Flowers

I did this picture a while back when I was having pretty severe anxiety after being on a new medication. I don't remember how long it took me. I recently started coloring again because both my depression and anxiety have been a lot worse. After seeing everyone's coloring and talk of gel pens I recently ordered another coloring book and gel pens to have more variety.#ColoringBookTherapy #MightyTogether #coloring #AdultColoringBooks #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #CrohnsDisease

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#AdultColoringBooks Calm Me Down

I love adult coloring books, but I don’t have the attention span for them! I *want* to finish one at one sitting, but I get fidgety and have to stop. Sometimes I wonder if I have undiagnosed #ADHD , along with all my other fun diagnoses!

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