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What in the world would make me want to create a support group for people with apathy? Well, I have at least seven individual legit reasons why I suffer from apathy all at the same time. That means I tend to succumb hard to not doing anything at all. It is very challenging and I am tired of it.

If other people who struggle with apathy are too apathetic to post here with me then I will just try to share my experience as I attempt to climb out of this hole in the hope that others will learn and be inspired by what I share.

I am working with #major depression, #Anxiety #abandonment , #Fibromyalgia , #Brain trauma, #chronic stress, #Toxic environment, #thyroid problems, multiple medications that have apathy as a known side effect, prolonged marijuana use for chronic pain, and who knows what else.

I spend my time being my husband's 24/7/365 caregiver. He is on disability for #Mild cognitive impairment, which means for him that he has basically no short-term memory and huge cognitive problems from being unable to steer his own brain. He presents as a completely normal, but forgetful person to strangers, but the truth is that I do everything for him and get little in return. He cannot be left alone because he would wander away and get lost within a block of our home. He cannot help around the house because he cannot remember how to do things, cannot follow instructions or make decisions, has no initiative, is unable to do his own hygiene, etc... It's brutal for me. He doesn't understand that anything is wrong, either.

But none of that is about apathy! All I do anymore is take care of our basic needs... and hide on my phone playing games, writing, watching video, or playing with my cat in my bed. Oh, and I think a whole lot about what I should be doing.

I am so apathetic that I don't leave our home unless we need to run an errand or have an appointment. I would feel so much better if I walked every day, but... I just don't go. It simply doesn't happen in spite of understanding that it would help.

PLEASE share about your apathy.

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Do you have a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or are you the caregiver for someone with MCI? #mci #mild cognitive impairment

#Mild cognitive impairment

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#Mild cognitive impairment #PTSD #TBI #MDD

After a incident a year ago involving a TBI, I was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (before my mental health started getting bad and 26 Y/O) due to it. But didn't learn about it till this month and wasn't explained, just informed on paper. When I look things up about it, its all about people 65 years and older. Does anyone know any podcasts/videos/Articles that could help explain it to me?

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Why am I not worried at about Virus?

I think I am broken because this COV19. I'm having no trigger, I don't even think about it. If I see an ad I check for updates, closings not thinking twice, plus I'm sleeping the best and most peaceful in years and when I logged in here and I see people being highly affected- I feel like I'm not responding properly....? Anyone else..... #Depression #CoronaVirus
#Mild anxiety