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It's been 84 years

Not really its only been 5 years but I like to talk in memes, a lot has happened I've been medicated with anxiety med lexam 20 mg in the morning and I'm finally sleeping with the help of an anti depressant mitazapine 30mg at night. I think there was a bit of trail with which anxiety med i needed but I cant really remember much of what life was like 5 years ago tbh if I try feelings wise the post from 2019 I cant remember even writing that like I know thats probably correct but I have no recolection of writing that and thats probably because of what went down late 2021.

I started having tonic clonic seizures again out of no where after working for a year fully medicated on Keppra 1500mg morning and Night and it messed me up these seizures were different and unpleasant. By early 2022 i was having one a week and was sleeping in a recliner with damage to my belly button caused by the seizures and I couldnt sleep laying down trying to treat that as it was activly bleeding and the other injuries caused by seizures calf, tongue, shoulders, hips and back.

I couldn't go swimming to ease the heat and to work on the physio because of the injury to my belly button and I was still having seizures, though finally there was hope on the horizon my partner was able to capture a seizure on camera and send it to the neurologist in Brisbane but this is just where the story begin Part 2 coming soon.
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What's your experience with the NDIS? #ndis #mental health #Depression #Anxiety #BPD

How has the NDIS supported you? Is it difficult to get on? I'm worried that I won't be considered "sick" enough