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The smell of a fire keeps me awake #ADHD #Depression

2:25 AM I need to sleep... Love comes at 10.00 to go for a walk.

But sirenes, prickly eyes and the smell of a very big fire keep me awake.

Not far from my appartment my favourite second hand store is burning. It's a store where people with what we call 'a gap to the job market' work. They will be devastated monday morning.

#Needtosleep #Fire #sotired

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Night 🦉

How do you choose to stay busy throughout the night?

Last I checked my watch it was 9 pm... 🙈
Although my sleep pattern has been off, this is the first time in 3 months I've not thought about the next thing I need to do or let thoughts crowd my mind for an extended period of time.

My way of staying busy tonight? Adult coloring and markers. Lots of markers. That and music.

#AdultColoring #whattimeisit #relaxing #staybusy #Clearmind #Needtosleep #citizencope #jackjohnson #iration #milkychance

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My anxiety is up and my heart is pounding. I just want to go to sleep but my mind is racing. All because I sat with my campfire tonight and hope to god I put it out enough that the neighbors don’t call the FD on me again. Stupid rules. It’s a contained fire so why shouldn’t I be able to sit by it. I set the hose on it and soaked it like crazy. Sure there’s a little smoke still but I’m freaking out. It better be out. I can’t deal. I soaked it until my shoes were wet. It should be out. But here I am. Heart and mind racing... again. #Anxiety #Needtosleep #CheckInWithMe #Depression