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Playing around

Playing around with turning “blobs” of watercolor into pumpkins. A fun exercise!
#relaxing #donotbeafraid

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What are your plans this weekend??

Anyone have anything planned this weekend?? My sister and her kids are coming to visit later today and the rest of the weekend I’ll just be home relaxing and reading 😌 What will you be doing??

#Weekends #Weekendplans #relaxing #Reading #Anxiety #MajorDepressiveDisorder

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#relaxing afternoon at home w kiddo!🤗💞

Decided to take a trip to Dollarstore pick up this little house and more paint.
My daughter and I took turns painting differnt parts of this little house , great time togther and distraction.💜

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Rain Rain go away!

Hey Everyone!
What have you been up to?
Just been so nice we been going to parks, taking Loki for swims!
I been up and down like crazy! Emotionally wise, pain wise. Emotion wise is just being vulnerable and sensitive! I don't think I am snapping but just been crying lots about little things and then pain levels in new places but I noticed settling down! (Thank the lord) Then getting itchy, itchy again! I have been sensitive to the sun for awhile now and it helps a bit when I put sun block on but I have been getting itchy like crazy!
The day before yesterday it was SO hot we had to stay indoors to stay cool and today it is a rainy day! Catch up on my some relaxation!!
Hope all is good!! Loki is doing good! He has the rainy morning vibes! Haha..
I put another Loki video up of him having a happy sunny morning moment yesterday! I just adore him
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #fibroflare #emotional #relaxing #MightyPets

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guys....i found a thing

so it’s basically like a color/paint by number but its with these little individual diamonds, that you paste down onto this big canvas to create this big picture masterpiece. it definitely helps me fall asleep, ‘cause it is super relaxing so if you guys are having trouble relaxing/falling asleep, this might be worth a try. found it at hobby lobby and its called diamond painting. i ordered a new one online from Diamond Art Club just now, so i’m super excited to get started on that one!! 🤩 #insonima #Sleep #Art #relax #relaxing #relaxandletgo #coloring #diamondpainting #creative #creativity