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I'm tired of hearing I'm strong, I know better, safe, not safe, and on and on and on... sometimes none of that is helpful. Sometimes, I just need to know someone cares, someone is there...I'm not all alone, no criticism, no judgement... just caring, just a hug..

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So tired and need help!!

Hey...i'm try really really hard to make a post and simply post it but it will not work and i don't understand why. Could someone here please help me understand how to make a post with a picture - the way everyond else seems to be able to and i know it's possibke coz everyone posts the kind of post i would like to post!!



Fear that I'm not really ok...

I was diagnosed with #POTS 2 1/2 years ago, and have been living with symptoms for at least 7 years. For the first 2 yrs after my diagnosis, I was stuck with a doctor who clearly wasn't putting in much effort to help me, so I saw no improvement at all. I now have a great doctor that I love, and his treatment plan was so encouraging, but I'm currently pretty #discouraged because since January I have had covid and walking pneumonia, therefore I've had a big setback. I'm so tired of feeling bad ALL the time. I have 2 young kids, and I feel like my lack of ability to participate in things with them is wrecking their childhood. I also have always been a big worrier, so even if I've dealt with certain symptoms before, if they are really acting up, I get afraid that the doctors missed something, and I'm gonna die. I just need a community that understands and that can reassure me that my symptoms are normal to my condition. #mentallyexhausted #sotired


(Context: i am currently fighting a cold which has always triggered my asthma. Also my nightmares are more like hallucinations thanks to narcolepsy)

Woke up after a string of vivid nightmares about my cat dying, crawled out of bed to have medicine, coughing all the way. I feel like I've had maybe 3 hours sleep but this should fix that, right?
On getting back to bed I rubbed my nose the wrong way and broke a scab so my nose started bleeding. While I was still coughing. At 2:35am.
#sotired #immunosuppressed #fml


I'm new here and I'm tired

Iv been spending so much time since learning about my mental health issues trying to help and express to other people who need help. I'm pushing out all my good #empathetic energy to my S.O cuz he is having just so much issues and stress that I can't find a way to recharge anymore... I'm just so tired and its making me physically sick... I have given up so much for him and our kids that I can't even look at them without overlapping pain.. iv quit a job I liked to homeschool my girls during the pandemic.. and now no matter how much I apply I can't find another job..... I have given up on an unpaid internship of my dreams because the distance and gas prices were making my S.O stressed out about money... I recently just dropped out of my preforming group cuz I can't commit the time now that my S.O said he has been having suicidal thoughts......

And I'm just so tired...
So tired of being the one that gives up everything...
So tired of just being the parent with no other personality.....
So tired of not sleeping because of all the thoughts in my head......
So tired of being in pain.... #justtired #sotired


Who takes care of me?

I've been taking care of others my whole life.I'm definitely a co dependent type of person. For 5 years now I've been struggling with benzo withdrawal and fibromyalgia and I just keep thinking when will someone take care of me? My husband is supportive for the most part, but I need someone to hug me and help me walk and tell me it's gonna be ok. I just want to feel like someone really cares about my physical well-being being and I don't. I push thru every day and it's wearing me down. I'm just so frustrated with my life at this point, I don't know how to keep moving forward this way. I pray every day for God to keep me strong and to give me hope because I believe he has a plan for me. I just don't understand it and I'm really struggling with what the rest of my life may look like. #Fibromyalgia #Anxiety #sotired


Panic Poetry 1

Too much worry and anxiety. Too many stressers. Too jumpy and jittery. Too much adrenaline. Too much of that metallic tang in my mouth. Too much everything. Too much, too much, too much. #PanicAttack #Anxiety #Fear #Adrenaline #CPTSD #Depression #sotired #LupusOrphan #CHFOrphan


Unable to sleep #Sleep #Yawn #sotired

Have you ever yawned and just felt that it would not be satisfying? They roll in one after the other, make your eyes water, but they do nothing for you?

I’ve gotten two hours of sleep tonight from 12 to 2, but have been unable to go back to sleep. It’s frustrating and even becoming painful(?). I can feel the tiredness in me, but I can’t do anything to help it along. I tried classical music, soothing sounds and music, mindfulness imagery, crying. Nothing. I’m hoping that this entry will tire me out more and I’ll be asleep in no time.

There’s another unsatisfying yawn.

It’s 3:04am now. I have to be up at 5:30am to work 7am to 5pm. I can do it, but I definitely prefer to be rested. Not necessarily well-rested. Just somewhat rested.

These yawns are getting old.

That last one felt a little better. I’m going to try to sleep again. Wish me luck. And good luck to all those struggling, too.