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No men I don't already know! Do not start DM with me!#hounded #Notwanted #noromancehere

Why do people ignore my info and trigger sexual abuse memories?
I ask that NO men try to make private friends with me.
After 43 years of marriage to my still alive husband, I do not engage in tete-a-tete with men not previously known to me.
This is a courtesy to tell men looking for a female to go away.
Each time some uncouth man ignores my boundary, it sets off my memories of 2 cheating husbands in my past, sexual abuse as a teen, & fears for my safety.
Please do not violate my privacy again. No men's comments that must be private told to me.
If you can't say it here, openly, do not think you are welcome to have DM contact with me. You are not welcome in my private comments. I will report you, if I must.
Thank you to those kind men who honor my boundaries. Please feel free to comment openly, anytime.


When the whole world ignores you

The whole world ignores me on a daily basis. I don't exist. Since my health problems, nobody is around for support. No family, no friends, no case manager, nobody gives a ****. I get up every day in excruciating pain to get dressed and be civilized. My apartment complex doesn't want me here and I have nowhere to go. I don't know what to do. I have no transportation and so I haven't had much food or supplies during the pandemic. I am just skin and bones. Nobody will miss me or even know that I am gone. Only the smell of my dying flesh will cause someone to knock on my door and see if I'm ok, but by then I'm just Dust in the wind.
#imtired #lonely#Notwanted


#Unappreciated #Notwanted #alone # SAD #tears

I am really hurting today and ther
e is not a soul I can turn to for support or comfort. So I will sit here and weap 😭

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Depressed at weddings #Depression #Feelinglost #Notwanted

Yesterday was my brothers wedding, I left early only for the reason that I felt unwanted there. Every time my entire family gets together I feel like the black sheep. I speak but I’m never heard. When I disagree and speak up I’m shut down like I am always at fault. I speak my mind and it’s like it’s the end of the world. I tell people my problems and they say that I should just calm down or forget it. I made an account on here this morning because I feel that when I go to counseling that nothing helps I’m on medication for my anxiety but i still run from family events no matter who it’s for. Growing up the only girl in the family is hard when your always second to your brothers and no matter how hard you push yourself. Your never good enough. I have a boyfriend who loves me for me and supports me when I have a break down. But my family doesn’t think he is good enough yet he’s the only one who never doubts me or makes me feel second best. I’m just so disappointed in my family because they all accepted the brothers girlfriends no questions asked, yet with me they judge every little thing and they avoid him like the plague and make him feel unwelcome too. I always thought that when I finally bring someone home it would be like it was with my brothers girlfriends but they left my boyfriend alone in a hotel room for two days. Never once thought to accept or invite him to be a part of it. I was in the wedding party so I was Busy as can be, and I thought I could rely on my family to step up and be inclusive but I guess I should of prepared that they wouldn’t treat him like the others significant others. They blamed him for not reaching out, but when your someone’s guest is it your job to invite yourself to what the others are doing? I just wish that people saw me as a person and someone worth being around.