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Single with BP. I tell him I need pills…he runs for the hills #cheapthrills #datingdisaster #understandingbipolar #stillsingle

I have always been very open with my Bipolar 1 condition. I tend to attract men when I am hypomanic or when I’m really “up” so it’s only fair to warn them of my lows and explain the importance of my medication which has helped stabilize me for many years. This also helps explain to them why it is not safe for me to drink or do drugs. I’m just starting to think this is not a good strategy - I am 36 and single after all. So when is it appropriate to spill the beans on one’s bipolar disorder to a potential dating partner? I look around and still hope for the white picket fence, wedding ring on my finger and baby in my arms. Has my bipolar been holding me back from this for all of these years! #frustrated #Openbook #selfsabotage

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I’ve only been on here for 2 days .. does anyone else feel like this is like a raw version of social media ? I’m soooooo here for it 🥰🥰🥰🙌🏻

As I am reading your stories and seeing myself in many .. I couldn’t help to think this is like the raw version of ourselves which I myself have always found more beauty in. I have always said you can post a picture of something on social media and everyone thinks oh she just has the best life … because you only get the highlights … they didn’t see the struggle behind .. there is just so much left unsaid in most post .. but Here you get the story behind the picture .. and I’m so grateful for that ! Newly well not newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder just finally accepting it .. and it’s been tough .. not gonna lie … looking back and going Thur the tough times in my life … I can’t help wonder if it was due too my illness. I’ve been watching a lot of movies , reading a lot of articles, and trying to learn as much as I can about it and trying to embrace it instead of running from it ! I even bought a fish and named it polar vangough 😂🐠 yes, I know kinda odd my fish is named after my mental Illness but I’m obsessed with him and he is truly helping me Thur it :) Any tips on being bipolar or finding out and how you managed it would be amazing 🤩? Hope y’all are practicing self care and thriving today and if not that’s okay too ! #Bipolar #newbie #polarthefish #Openbook #rawdeal

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Hi this is me using a Snapchat filter #Snapchat #Fibromyalgia #Depression #SuicidalIdeation

I just want to say HI to everyone. I am having an ok day today despite the #Pain I’m in from the rain. I just updated my profile with my info about my illnesses. I am an open book as me almost anything 🙃 #Openbook

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