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Feeling isolated while getting help

Okay, so... I’ve had people offer to help( in terms of calling doctors and labs). When they get the same results ( phones ringing constantly. Being brushed off. They get frustrated with the situation they direct that my way. Intentionally or not.

Which on the receiving end makes me feel like what and the way you’re doing things is wrong. I’ve tried to explain this but they get all uppity:” Well that’s wrong. What you’re feeling and the way you’re perceiving things is incorrect.

They just listen to respond and not hearing you out. It makes me not want their help. Curating opinions and painting you with them. It’s isolating.

Has anyone ever felt like this?

#help #AmIAlone #opinionsofothers #Isolation #isolating #Undiagnosed #figuringitout

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How do you stop worrying about the judgments of others when your not in a good place ? ##Stigma #opinionsofothers

I live in a country town. A few houses up from a woman who’s bullied me at work, in the past shes driven past my house telling my boss personal things, what I’m doing i also live across from my recently separated husbands family friend who built our house. People like to know each others business & one can carry a reputation, I struggle to do the lawns & my house is the only one in the street full of nicely built houses with the grass rough and long. I try to focus on things at my own pace, telling myself ‘this is life, in a more diverse place it wouldn’t be an issue’ but it really affects me