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    #isolating /takingcareofyourself

    <p><a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="isolating" href="/topic/isolating/" data-id="5b5491c8740cd600aefec251" data-name="isolating" aria-label="hashtag isolating">#isolating</a> /takingcareofyourself</p>
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    Feeling isolated while getting help

    Okay, so... I’ve had people offer to help( in terms of calling doctors and labs). When they get the same results ( phones ringing constantly. Being brushed off. They get frustrated with the situation they direct that my way. Intentionally or not.

    Which on the receiving end makes me feel like what and the way you’re doing things is wrong. I’ve tried to explain this but they get all uppity:” Well that’s wrong. What you’re feeling and the way you’re perceiving things is incorrect.

    They just listen to respond and not hearing you out. It makes me not want their help. Curating opinions and painting you with them. It’s isolating.

    Has anyone ever felt like this?

    #help #AmIAlone #opinionsofothers #Isolation #isolating #Undiagnosed #figuringitout

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    I feel so numb how can I get over this? #numb

    I feel so numb
    I have been feeling this for over 10months and this hasn’t gone away
    I either overreact or nothing
    I kept thinking negative thoughts and every things seem so uninteresting even people
    I just want to communicate with other and have a good conversation with them without worrying.
    This isolated me and I haven’t laughed for a long time I’m really tired of it and scared I couldn’t get over it
    I can’t think straightly and I get depression thinking why I’m like this
    #Depression #numb #isolating #distant #unfocus #nofun #sad #help #GettingHelp #angry

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    Mind Munch #mental Illness #isolating #reaching out

    Onslaught of thoughts and emotions and opinions Mind Munch means what am I feeding myself Mentally? Anyone else struggling with non stop thoughts, emotions and opinions? So much you want to say, do and achieve? But feel trapped? Thanks.

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Why do new people who you seemed to have clicked with, say "Let's get together sometime", and then they never meet you half-way to make plans??

    Am I the only one that is really bothered by this?? I would very much appreciate your thoughts and any stories you can share.

    As for me, at this point in my life, if I meet someone who I 'click' with, I consider it a rare event and therefore put in effort to 'get together '. It's really upsetting that people set you up for #disappointment. I know the feeling of #vulnerability sucks, and we can be great at avoiding getting close to others, (ESPECIALLY, if setting healthy #boundaries has not been a strength).

    Last winter (2018), I unfortunately and yet, successfully pushed away the few friends I had left and completely withdrew by #isolating myself. I look around now and realize I literally have no one. The only people I hear from are my parents and my Aunt. No one, not even my siblings call. Besides family, no one else would realize it if I fell off the face of this Earth.

    Through #Therapy, I've been working on learning how and when to set up boundaries, beginning with the people whom have always had the "upper-hand" in my life, my parents. My parents are finding it confusing & difficult to get used to my newly established boundaries now as I enter my 40's, because they're simply used to me being more compliant.

    As for meeting new people, I feel hesitant to be as outgoing as I used to be and constantly feel the need to keep myself from saying too much when I do talk to someone new. Overall, I'm having great difficulty finding that grey area of boundary-making and instead switch from a black or white frame-of-mind; all in or nothing. So, this begs another question, how do I know and recognize what boundaries lay in the grey area??

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    J J


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    How do I reach out when I don't want to talk #Isolation

    I've been isolating more lately which for me is a big red flag that I'm not doing well. Even the few close friends that I normally talk to sometimes I haven't talked to in awhile. I want to reach out but I don't want to talk about how I'm doing. I just want someone come over and watch a movie or work on a puzzle or something and talk about nothing or I don't really even have to say anything. But I feel like I'm just being whiny and wanting attention. How do I do that I feel like a Facebook post is a little too big and I can't put myself out there that much. Telling that many people ( though my friends list is only about 250 or so that I'm struggling is something I don't think I can do. But I don't want to reach out to any individuals for fear that they can't do it and will feel bad and then I'll feel stupid. #Depression #isolating #cantreachout

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