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Trapped in Oregon

An open letter to prospective doctors and a plea for reason.#oregon #Pain #reason #hell


Any advice would be helpful!

At the beginning of March my ex cost me my job by leaving town and refusing to watch his daughter (we had agreed I’d work full time while he watched her then he’d do his stuff when I’m not working and we’d coparent) and I couldn’t really get anyone else to watch her because she was going through stuff and wanted to be with either mom or dad so I lost my job and went back to being a SAHM. Then when he got back to town issues arised with our neighbors because of something he did that caused alarm to them and we had threats made on us due to his actions. He packed everything up in the middle of the night and moved us to his friends apartment that has been been abandoned and left us here and left town again for two weeks and just came back Monday l. I have working on finding daycare to put my daughter in while working on transitioning her to going to go to daycare so I can go back to work, I’ve also been trying to get help with finding stable housing because of the situation I’ve been put in with my daughter. He also has my car and our daughters car seat as well.
He is now messaging me telling me he wants me to leave the friends apartment because he wants his spot back all because I asked him to get his stuff and not show up unannounced. I’m at a loss honestly. I looked into going to a shelter but was told it could take up to a month and I might only be there for a week and that if I’m safe here to stay here. I’m safe but it’s not stable..
If anyone knows of any resources that can help me get into a place and get situated without too much trouble quickly I would really appreciate you message me please. I have some income and some savings as well. I’m from Oregon. #DV #Housing #help #oregon #BPD #Anxiety #CPTSD

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