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Why does every facility you want to go to or is great for you cost so much money? I'm trying to find housing. I want to live in an apartment. My family says I need a lot of supervision. I'm not a low functioning asperger person. I am very high functioning. I need some supervision with money and some other things.
I can't find a housing place. I do not want to live with anybody....I mean share a room.
I'm very depressed and anxious to find something but I keep hitting roadblocks. Help. I need some advice. #Housing #aspbergers

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Housing issues #Housing #homelessness

I have a roof over my head but not a home. I just got a voucher so I’d have my rent paid for 12 months. But finding a landlord willing to take it is going to be rough, even though I’m a good tenant just poor. I always paid my rent, no eviction or anything I managed to send 3 emails today to landlords and got one immediate rejection-no vouchers. I must do better but I don’t know how. I still don’t have a therapist as the one I was assigned keeps canceling. I’m looking at major surgery in the next few months. I’m in mental and physical pain every day. I’ve been juggling all this for 6 months now and I’m very very tired. #depressed


Any advice would be helpful!

At the beginning of March my ex cost me my job by leaving town and refusing to watch his daughter (we had agreed I’d work full time while he watched her then he’d do his stuff when I’m not working and we’d coparent) and I couldn’t really get anyone else to watch her because she was going through stuff and wanted to be with either mom or dad so I lost my job and went back to being a SAHM. Then when he got back to town issues arised with our neighbors because of something he did that caused alarm to them and we had threats made on us due to his actions. He packed everything up in the middle of the night and moved us to his friends apartment that has been been abandoned and left us here and left town again for two weeks and just came back Monday l. I have working on finding daycare to put my daughter in while working on transitioning her to going to go to daycare so I can go back to work, I’ve also been trying to get help with finding stable housing because of the situation I’ve been put in with my daughter. He also has my car and our daughters car seat as well.
He is now messaging me telling me he wants me to leave the friends apartment because he wants his spot back all because I asked him to get his stuff and not show up unannounced. I’m at a loss honestly. I looked into going to a shelter but was told it could take up to a month and I might only be there for a week and that if I’m safe here to stay here. I’m safe but it’s not stable..
If anyone knows of any resources that can help me get into a place and get situated without too much trouble quickly I would really appreciate you message me please. I have some income and some savings as well. I’m from Oregon. #DV #Housing #help #oregon #BPD #Anxiety #CPTSD

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A Place to Call Home #Housing

Everyone needs a good and safe place to call home. However for too many people living with psychiatric disabilities home is hard to come by and often lost. Too many people with mental illness experience symptoms once they find a place and then they lose it and are homeless.

I often get up in the morning and have a gratitude list with my coffee and top of the list is my home.

Group homes for the mentally ill can be bad. I wish I had millions of dollars so I could build housing for people specifically with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I wish people could feel comfortable and safe in a really nice environment.

I will continue to donate small amounts to local nonprofit organizations where I live that offer housing for those in need. I am only one person but I can still make a difference.


Housing Struggles

So many of my difficulties with life stem from not having a stable housing situation. I have a mountain of student loan debt, which had made securing a housing loan virtually impossible, and I have moved 10 times in the past 10 years. If I could just have a stable place to live, my life would be so much easier.

I don't have difficulty getting a job. I make decent money, but not great. But I have to live on the Cape to help my mother, and the housing situation here is bonkers. I am on every housing assistance list, but the wait is 5 years. Renting is a nightmare, cost is at a minimum $1500/month, and that is not even for a nice place. And if you do rent, you're simply treading water, unable to save anything.

I'm currently living in my mother's basement, and losing my mind. My mother has hoarding disorder btw, and it's a very unpalatable place to live.

I have a robust support system: counselor, nurse practitioner, social service worker to assist with state assistance programs, life coach, lots of friends and family. I take my meds religiously. I am very healthy and do yoga and other breathing exercises daily. I have hobbies, singing, theater, saxophone, writing etc.

But none of that is the issue. It's the lack of stable housing.

Can anyone else relate?

I guess I just get frustrated because I've learned how to manage my mood disorder fairly well, but my skills can't overcome the challenges that come with having an unstable and uncontrollable living situation.

Thanks for reading. #Housing #sanctuary #Shelter

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I feel emotional black mail from my friend however, what should I do?! I'm caught in the middle of a huge mess!


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Feeling pretty hopeless at the moment

Is it possible to even afford “low income” housing on disability? Right now, I’ve been looking for housing entirely on my own because the various people and programs that claim they’ll help have been very defeatist. Maybe they’re right idk but I’ve found more housing opportunities than I ever thought I could and that are advertised to the public. I was feeling really proud of myself and all the effort I’d put into finding these places, looking through job postings only to realize that the company could be a resource for housing and not so much for employment. But every time I reach out to the building management or leasing company about rent it’s the same thing, “we’re an income restricted place and this is our rent...” and the rent has never gone below $900! Even with my disability I’d never survive! And I don’t qualify for help from some housing places cuz I’m not homeless, I’m living with my mom. But she’s older, to start, and I don’t want to live with her forever and we have a tumultuous relationship. I feel like I either have to be homeless, now, or will be forced into homelessness if something happens to my mom. I don’t want to sound hyperbolic or trivialize anyone’s experience with homelessness. I just feel stuck because the very systems designed to “help” feel like they don’t help people prosper. And I finally got rid of my SI means that I’d had for years but I now wish I hadn’t cuz feeling trapped is a HUGE trigger for me😩😭 I suppose like it says in the song I’ve been listening to “speed bumps only make you aware” so I guess I need to check my blindspots and keep pulling ahead, so to speak 😕 #Bipolar2Disorder #Anxiety #Adulting #Disability #Ssdi #Housing #housingassistance #hopelessness #Depression