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    Seeking validation?

    I'm 51 & have had lifelong depression & anxiety...often poorly or untreated when I was younger. I'm finally in therapy & on meds that are actually working. I've always been high-functioning. With the trauma, etc that's being revealed during therapy, even though I'm finding my mood is generally better, I'm feeling more physically exhausted than expected. Anyone experience similar feelings? I intend to discuss w/ my Dr & therapist but today being a holiday, I thought I'd try here for some advice/encouragement. Thank you!
    #Overcomingdepression #HealingVoices #workinprogress

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    Overcoming #AutismAwareness #Overcomingdepression

    My daughter whose on the Autism Spectrum has wrote and released a new song. “Only Me” by Bree Kelly. Please give it a listen. It would mean the world to her.

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    Best way to "Overcome depression"........ #Overcomingdepression

    Well so far I'm greatful for what the Lord has done in my life believe it or not it wasn't easy suffering from depression and still be on my feets on a Monday morning at 5am in order for me to be at base by 7:00 without sleeping at night..,,,, it has always been God, for those of you that's still in search of change in your life or find it hard to accept change or maybe scared, try picking up your Bible and ask God for his grace and healing touch upon your life I tried it and believe it or not it's really working perfectly for me,,,,, one more thing never try to hide what you're going through from other, some may think you're going crazy fine but you never know who's listening and willing to help.........!


    friday the 13th

    i think today’s the happiest I’ve been all month, I’m happy and I haven’t felt depressed all day. #Onestepatatime #Overcomingdepression #youmatter



    today’s a good day, I don’t feel like jumping off a cliff

    #Depression #Overcomingdepression #youmatter


    Song of the Day

    Almost Home-Mary Chapin Carpenter

    I saw my life this morning
    Lying at the bottom of a drawer
    All this stuff I'm saving
    God knows what this junk is for
    And whatever I believed in
    This is all I have to show
    What the hell were all reasons
    For holding on for such dear life
    Here's where I let go
    I'm not running
    I'm not hiding
    I'm not reaching
    I'm just resting in the arms of the great wide open
    Gonna pull my soul in
    And I'm almost home