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Seeking validation?

I'm 51 & have had lifelong depression & anxiety...often poorly or untreated when I was younger. I'm finally in therapy & on meds that are actually working. I've always been high-functioning. With the trauma, etc that's being revealed during therapy, even though I'm finding my mood is generally better, I'm feeling more physically exhausted than expected. Anyone experience similar feelings? I intend to discuss w/ my Dr & therapist but today being a holiday, I thought I'd try here for some advice/encouragement. Thank you!
#Overcomingdepression #HealingVoices #workinprogress

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In The Meantime

In view of everything that’s gone on lately in our world, I ran across this #Poem and it just seemed to be what I needed today. #Breathe #JustBreathe #Healing #HealingVoices #Poetry #vibes #PTSD #Depression #Grief

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HEARTBREAK & HEALING #Healing #HealingVoices #PTSD #SexualTrauma #ADHD #Selflove #Selfcompassion #Love

“A warrior knows that her heartbreak is her map.” -Glennon Doyle

Typically, we don’t associate heartbreak with leading us to healing. Just out of nature and instinct we tend to view heartbreak as defeat.

I am not minimizing heartbreak. God knows that I have had more than my share of them in my lifetime. You’ve had your share too, friend.

Some of them hit me so hard I honestly wasn’t sure if I would EVER be able to get back up. AND if I managed to, by some miracle, could I pull myself out of the abyss? Could I be a really functional human being able to truly wholeheartedly contribute to life? (Like the velveteen rabbits quest to be real)

Friend, it was ugly not just in THOSE “tragic” years but in VERY recent years. The heartbreak felt as if it would crush me & then swallow me whole never to be seen or heard from again.

[One thing I know is that when my God isn’t finished He isn’t finished. I am only here because of that truth! ♥️]

Y’all I’ve found my map! My map is a mosaic masterpiece of broken beauty from horrific heartbreak.

The more I leaned into the heartbreak instead of shrinking away from it the more I could reclaim those things I had thought that my heartbreak took from me! The lost things of pure joy, innocence, and love.

I thought my heartbreak defined my destiny.
I thought it defined ME.

I’ve come to truly understand: the power within the heartbreak itself holds the wisdom to my freedom. Freedom in my mind, in my soul, and in my body.

When I “hit the wall” and when I can’t move forward, because there is a barrier, all the work and energy I’ve put into my healing has created the map that my heartbreak has gifted me with.

❗️Does it feel good? No. It’s messy and I want to run away all the time!

❗️Is it easy? No way. I feel like quitting often!

❗️Do I mess it up sometimes? Absolutely.
Hot mess express pulling into the station!

❗️Do I fail? You better believe it, way more than I succeed if I’m brutally honest with myself and with you!

I’m still learning a lot about understanding how to read my map; let’s just say I’m directionally challenged!🤣🤣 🧭

Friend, it is the most terrifying step I have ever taken!!

Journeying into the heartbreak of vulnerability, of authenticity, and stepping into so many unknowns. But you’ve got to take a step then another then another.

You’ve got to be okay with failing.
You’ve got to not allow criticism and haters change you’re course.
You cannot let compliments and flattery inflate your ego either.
There’s a vast difference between confidence and conceit.
There is a balance and a grit.
A grace and a fierceness.
A daring jump off a cliff and a knowing when to rest and say no.
Delicate balances and relentless determination!

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Leaving after children and for most of there life's they witnessed abuse. How do u cope?

I have 3 daughters ages 10,13,16. Whom all have sass an attitude, but every since dad no longer lives with them there disrespect level has gotten real high. I'm realizing as a mom I have a lot to change, but it's like we're do I begin. If this is what they have known all they're life's. I thought leaving 3 years ago would help gain a better trust and balance with my girls. Instead it's complete opposite. Sometimes I feel I'm to blame for everything after all I've allowed them to act this way,this long... but I've noticed what I've done wrong , I have hope with the right people I can learn disaplining them in ways I feel I can make myself be okay with. So I hope this group is exactly what u guys need as well as myself #HealingVoices #domesitcabusesurvivors

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How We Heal

With the hope of helping others, CaringBridge users have been sharing for years their paths toward healing. CaringBridge invites you to read the stories of ordinary people plunged into serious health crises talk about what has made them whole again. bit.ly/3hAwQak #Healing #HealingVoices #healingisnotlinear #Caregiving

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Childhood Trauma Survivors.

I know telling these stories is hard. It really hurts some days. It feels like things will not get better.

Yet with each each word you are creating change. Our stories create a domino effect. They show others they are not alone. They give others the strength to step into their truth and begin to heal.

Telling my story has changed me. I thought that it would weaken me. That my vulnerability would leave me open to criticism. It didn’t.
Instead It showed me how strong I was. It created connections with other survivors, that helped me move forward. In my testimony I have discovered my strength.

I know how hard it is to tell that truth. Keep speaking out. You have the power to change the world.
#childhoodtrama #Addiction #MentalHealth #HealingVoices #adultchildrenofalcoholics