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Hi, would anyone like to chat semi-regularly? Would be nice to have someone removed from my everyday life to talk to about all things, recovery, troubles and otherwise general life #Recovery #rapesurvivor #Support #Open #Anxiety #PTSD #Onestepatatime

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Progress Milestone!

Tonight I cooked dinner - like, really cooked, from scratch - for my family for the first time in at least 6 months. This is a HUGE milestone for me! #Depression #Healing #Onestepatatime

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#Onestepatatime #TakeItOneDayAtATime

I’ve been devastated & traumatized by this world & this pain I am in. I feel so alone. I’ve been through so much. I usually say take it one day at a time but right now I’m taking it one step at a time. I can’t do more than that.


Breathing through the Anxiety #Anxiety #morninganxiety #Onestepatatime

I woke up extremely anxious today for no particular reason. I did a grounding meditation and I was still anxious afterward, but I’m working on breathing through the anxiety rather than pushing it to the side. It’s less scary than I thought.

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There's a light at the end of the tunnel

Six years ago I had a breakdown. I was only able to shower once or twice a week and stopped caring about myself. For the past week I've been getting up and showering every morning. I've been going and sitting in the back yard and looking at the clouds like I used to as a kid because I remember that bringing me happiness. It still makes me happy. I finally care about me. And after biting my nails till they bleed all my life I've finally stopped. Now I have long nails. I still have a long way to go and it's still hard but I've taken a step forward. I'm so proud of myself.
#Depression #Onestepatatime #icandoit #Anxiety #onalityDisorder #Anxiety #PersistentDepressiveDisorder


Challenging counselling session #CheerMeOn

A bunch of major barriers are getting broken down this week and it has been super overwhelming and scary. I asked my counselor for an additional session this week, which I had this morning.

It was so hard to get myself there - mental, physical, emotional barriers - but I did it. I had written down what I needed from him and also what I was fearful about and was able to articulate that. I started dissociating and couldn't ground myself and was able to ask for help and let him walk me through it for almost half an hour without feeling guilty or ashamed or trying to stuff it. And I was finally able to share a little bit about the new pieces that need healing.

It was so intense and I'm still shaking a bit, but I'm really proud of myself for booking the appointment (i.e. taking up space/claiming space for myself), staying in the moment, asking for help, and being open in a safe way.

Thank you Mighty community for all of your thoughts and comments and stories that helped me do this today. Mighty Together 💪

#CheerMeOn #Therapy #Healing #Onestepatatime #MentalHealth #MightyTogether

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#themightysupportsystem "#Onestepatatime #readyourmindandbody #dopaminehormonegoalsetting #seratonin /lovetrust/neurotransmitter #duedilligence

I am currently homebound due to excrutiating nerve pain throught back/neck/arms. This prevents me from driving, which prevents me from visiting close friends whom i love and trust. I'm homebound with an emotionally abusive husband. All of the hastags preceding this might give you an idea of areas that are vital to be intuned with; depressing & self loathing are creeping in; not fun but i'm aware of WHY they are creeping in. I need to think outside my own box; create doable concrete goals with visual aid of checklists to see how i'm doing. (Read books A,B,C ea. 30mins in AM & 30 minsPM; each day work on art therapy; explore!; use different mediums; the 700lb. phone!;answer phone 1x/return one missed call, etc. #successbringssuccess
I often tell people I 'do the work' as best i can. #progressnotperfection
It's a bless to have learned to break down the what/why/how ; to get to the root of depression, sadness creeping in. #Selfpreservation
My nerve pain will end soon;in the meantime i'll try to focus on my "in house goals ."

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If you strive for perfection you probably will be disappointed, but if you strive for progress that’s more realistic and achievable and you will feel like you are getting somewhere! #Onestepatatime #progressnotperfection

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