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    Seeking validation?

    I'm 51 & have had lifelong depression & anxiety...often poorly or untreated when I was younger. I'm finally in therapy & on meds that are actually working. I've always been high-functioning. With the trauma, etc that's being revealed during therapy, even though I'm finding my mood is generally better, I'm feeling more physically exhausted than expected. Anyone experience similar feelings? I intend to discuss w/ my Dr & therapist but today being a holiday, I thought I'd try here for some advice/encouragement. Thank you!
    #Overcomingdepression #HealingVoices #workinprogress


    Stopping the "sorry" dumping

    I'm a person who says sorry even when it's not needed or anything. For instance, a coworker bumped into a bookcase as he was walking by me and I apologized to him. All I did was witness it happen but I felt the need to say sorry. I feel if anyone might be disappointed or upset even if I didn't cause those feelings, I must say sorry.
    I've learned I don't know if I can stop this behavior as I have done this since I was very little as my mom had also did the sorry dumping on people. I want the ability to not say sorry but the first hurdle is to stop the automatic reaction to say it. So lately I keep going "I'm sss... Nope." It doesn't make sense unless you know what I'm wanting to say and what I'm doing to not say it.
    Catching myself before I say it has been tough. I know why I do it. I know it doesn't help anything or anyone to say it like I do. I just feel better to say it. No one else does tho and has made some arguments happen because I said sorry when I didn't need to.
    So every time I say it, I am trying to say nope. Not now, not needed. Work in progress! #Sorry #CPTSD #workinprogress

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    How will you respond?

    No one said life would be easy.
    No one guaranteed us anything.
    I didn’t ask for the #CPTSD the #ChronicDepression the #MajorAnxiety I didn’t ask for the #UlcerativeColitis the #CrohnsDisease the #diverticulosis the #Diabetes
    I didn’t ask for being part of less than 1%of the ENTIRE WORLD having both inner ears damaged beyond repair. I didn’t ask for the #Tinnitus ringing so loudly in both ears I sometimes can’t hear what ppl say. I didn’t ask for any of this. But I have them and more
    They way I see it?
    I have 2 choices
    I can learn to live with what I have and take #ONESTEP 🦶🏼at a time to do my best. Even if it’s minute to minute
    I can be a victim, feel sorry for myself, “woe is me”
    I’m learning that I can’t control everything. This is a hard one for me.
    I like to know what’s going on, what will happen, I over analyze EVERYTHING and then do it again. It’s a viscous cycle
    My mind always races
    What about this? What about that? You should have did/said whatever this or that
    I’m sure a lot of you know the “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” game we all play
    STOP 🛑 ✋🏻
    Take a deep breath
    My therapist told me something recently that “clicked”
    She said “Focus on the things you CAN control, not the things you can’t.” She was right. I’m a #workinprogress but I’m trying 🙂
    When I start to focus on what I CAN control, my #Stress levels go down just a bit. The #AnxietyAttack is at bay just a bit longer and I feel just a bit better.
    It’s amazing what can happen when focused on what I can control and #letgo of what I can’t.
    This is one of my favorite #mantras
    Which one will you choose?
    I’ll choose to RISE again and again
    Whoever is reading this remember:
    #Youareamazing #YouAreBeautiful


    #WarriorStrong 💚💜💪🏻

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    Self-Advocacy ☝🏼

    Putting your own needs first can feel “wrong” when the world has taught you that your way of thinking is “odd” and not just “different”. As such, some NDs may have trouble setting boundaries, while ensuring that our needs are met usually takes a back seat.

    I’m guilty of this, for sure! 😬

    #selfadvocacy #boundaries #nds #workinprogress #limits #Selfcare #neurodivergent #Support

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    Golden Girl’s Kitchen

    Hello 👋 I’ve been slowly working on this pencil sketch of the famous Golden Girl’s kitchen ♥️ I’d love to join Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, & Sophia for a late night cheesecake chat, how about you? ✏️ #workinprogress #JustLikeMe #Art #ArtTherapy #Slowandsteady

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    Lotus blossom scarf - #workinprogress #Handknitting #BewitchedCraftz #CraftingPawz

    Currently working on the scarf have a stash of yarn that I am going to be knitting scarves and donating them most of them will be 22 stitches on a size 6 or a size 5 needle #CraftingPawz #BewitchedCraftz

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    Pulled these back out…really need to stick with working through them even when I’m feeling better instead of just when I’m struggling. Consistency has always been my nemesis though 😒

    #workinprogress #CPTSD

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    Self Validation

    What do you do when you find yourself looking for outside validation?

    Why do I feel the need to “impress” the opposite sex with my looks?

    Accepting is the first step, right!!!

    #workinprogress #self -help #overthinker

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    Easier said than done #workinprogress #RareDisease #StiffPersonSyndrome #Dis asProgression

    It all makes so much sense, but when your disease begins entering uncharted waters where you haven’t seen others go, or they navigated it via a different labyrinth, I can’t say it’s anxiety but a painful experience and it’s hard to let go. And moving forward? Can I stay here and take a breath before trugging along? Sigh.