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    Seeking validation?

    I'm 51 & have had lifelong depression & anxiety...often poorly or untreated when I was younger. I'm finally in therapy & on meds that are actually working. I've always been high-functioning. With the trauma, etc that's being revealed during therapy, even though I'm finding my mood is generally better, I'm feeling more physically exhausted than expected. Anyone experience similar feelings? I intend to discuss w/ my Dr & therapist but today being a holiday, I thought I'd try here for some advice/encouragement. Thank you!
    #Overcomingdepression #HealingVoices #workinprogress

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    Stopping the "sorry" dumping

    I'm a person who says sorry even when it's not needed or anything. For instance, a coworker bumped into a bookcase as he was walking by me and I apologized to him. All I did was witness it happen but I felt the need to say sorry. I feel if anyone might be disappointed or upset even if I didn't cause those feelings, I must say sorry.
    I've learned I don't know if I can stop this behavior as I have done this since I was very little as my mom had also did the sorry dumping on people. I want the ability to not say sorry but the first hurdle is to stop the automatic reaction to say it. So lately I keep going "I'm sss... Nope." It doesn't make sense unless you know what I'm wanting to say and what I'm doing to not say it.
    Catching myself before I say it has been tough. I know why I do it. I know it doesn't help anything or anyone to say it like I do. I just feel better to say it. No one else does tho and has made some arguments happen because I said sorry when I didn't need to.
    So every time I say it, I am trying to say nope. Not now, not needed. Work in progress! #Sorry #CPTSD #workinprogress

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    How will you respond?

    <p>How will you respond?</p>
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    Golden Girl’s Kitchen

    <p>Golden Girl’s Kitchen</p>
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    Community Voices

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    Self Acceptance

    <p>Self Acceptance</p>
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    Self Validation

    What do you do when you find yourself looking for outside validation?

    Why do I feel the need to “impress” the opposite sex with my looks?

    Accepting is the first step, right!!!

    #workinprogress #self -help #overthinker

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